Friday, September 12, 2008

Nothing *UPDATE with pic of Ike

If you click on the picture and look for the yellow thumb tack, that is where our house is and you can see where Ike is coming. (Thanks Drew for doing this!)

A good link to look at to see where Ike is going is:

We are about 60 miles inland.


Nothing to report yet. Things are supposed to start happening late afternoon or evening or later.

Right now, it is just a normal day. If I hadn't been watching tv to see what is happening, I wouldn't have a clue anything was brewing. I don't normally watch the news or the weather channel but Drew keeps me informed.

Drew is home from work today, almost the whole city is shut down. Schools, malls, stores, churches. No one wants to get caught I guess.

Drew took the boys swimming this morning. We figure it might be the last opportunity for a couple days. And they needed to get some energy out.

So, we wait. And we try to act like it is normal to have 165 paper plates, 175 paper bowls and an incredible amount of food sitting around your house, with all our canned goods stacked in the refrigerator, and a grill sitting in our dining room.

I'm not so scared of the actual hurricane. Maybe it is because I don't know or completely understand the devastation that can occur.

I am most nervous about living without electricity. A guy at Lowe's who has lived in Houston for 30 years, told Drew to expect 4 - 5 days with no electricity. We are as prepared as we can be for that but it makes me nervous to have no air conditioning or fans in 90 degree heat. Drew and I have talked a little about how long the kids and I will tough it out before packing up and heading to friends. He will have to stay to work. I think our limit is 2 or 3 days. We'll see. And I wonder, how easy will it be to leave? What about flooding?

I have to trust God that he will get us through whatever he has for us. I know he will.

And a random fear, having the baby come early. I've heard about changes in the atmospheric pressure sending moms into labor, I just hope and pray that it doesn't happen to me.

Those are some thoughts swirling in my head. And that I am going to enjoy having the internet while it still works!

If electricity does go out, we only have cell phones so our main point of contacts will be our parents, so if you need to know, call them for updates.

Thanks for all the prayers, comments, and phone calls that we have received.

I'll keep posting until I can no longer!


  1. Glad Drew is home with you all today. How far are you inland? We'll keep praying.

  2. I'm praying for you guys. I would be nervous about 90 degree heat with no air or fans too.

  3. It was good talking to you yesterday--I'll keep praying too! I've been watching the news all day . . .


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