Tuesday, September 23, 2008

32 Week Reflection

I had my monthly doctor appointment this morning and I have gained no weight the last 4 weeks. I was so surprised! I mean, my shorts don't fit anymore, pants that I wore all through the pregnancy with Kolby, aren't making it. I can hardly pull them up. So, if I didn't gain weight, what do you call the competing bump in the back?!

This pregnancy has been very easy so far. My biggest complaint is an achy belly. I know, that is nothing.

Even though it has been easy, it has wreaked havoc on my body. Varicose veins have popped out loud and proud, I'm afraid my "normal" jeans will never be normal again. And there is one more thing that I would rather not mention. Let's just say, coughing isn't just coughing anymore.

I am getting so excited to meet this new little person, see how he fits in our family, see who he resembles. With Kolby, I expected a Sage replica and he was definitely not! I'm excited to see his little personality to come out. I think he is going to be physical if his movements are any indication. He might fight the swaddle. But, he needs to be able to hold his own in this house. Sage and Kolby are all ready to try out for the tackle football team.

I am also excited to see what his name will be. We have a few ideas but nothing is grabbing both of us. We might just come back to the hospital to finish filling out his birth certificate! Just kidding. Maybe we'll just call this one Boy or Three. Or maybe we should name him SaKo since that is what will probably come out of my mouth most of the time!


  1. That is SO funny to hear that you were expecting a Sage replica with Kolby, knowing them now and how different they look/act/etc. I am probably doing that unconsciously, though... I didn't gain any weight last month (month 6) but I have a feeling that will not be the case at my next visit because I have been HUNGRY lately.

  2. Hiya. :) I tried to call you a while back, but I guess you had already changed over to a new phone. Sometimes your blogs make me laugh out loud. :) I love your sense of humor!

    I'm assuming you've changed all your emailing and other contact info. Will you send me an email so that I can get all your contact stuff again? I want to send you a few things that might be helpful after Boy is born.

  3. So glad you are back and I love your artsy silhouette. Maybe you have discovered a new at-home mom business :)

  4. LOVE the silhouette pic! I agree with klhark. I also can't wait to meet this new little man! We have his gift all ready to go! ;)

  5. oh, it's so exciting to not even know the name!! :)

    you look great!


  6. Congrats, I didn't know. So when exactly is the due date? Look forward to lots of pictures.


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