Tuesday, September 02, 2008

5 Hours

When I first signed the boys up for Mothers Day Out and realized I would have 5 hours to myself, to do with what I pleased, I was nervous, guilty, and excited. I had grand plans. Plans of no more grocery trips with two boys, no more Target trips with two boys, the gym, taking time to look at decorating stores, and maybe a pedicure or two, you know before the baby comes, after it is hard to reach my feet.

And then yesterday happened. And I realized how quickly 5 hours can pass.

Drop off boys.
Chat with another mom, leave at 9:20.
Drive to Target.
Get what is on my list plus some Little Debbie's. Browse in shoes and maternity.
Drive home.
Check email, read a few blogs.
Write a post.
Fold laundry.
Change laundry.
Make dinner menu.
Write grocery list.
Drive to grocery store.
While driving, make a few phone calls.
Get groceries.
Drive through Chick fil A. (I was starving, it was 12:30!)
Drive home.
Carry in groceries.
Unpack freezer and fridge stuff.
Leave rest for later.
Shovel in fries with ketchup.
Drive to Hobby Lobby.
Return something at Hobby Lobby.
Go to pick up boys.

5 hours. Gone, just like that. The necessary stuff got done and nothing more.

I am going to admit that I judged the mothers who put their kids in MDO, two days a week. What do they do with all that time? I wondered. Now I know. Just enough to make it feel worthwhile.

And I didn't finish unpacking the groceries or folding laundry until later that evening, I was exhausted.


  1. I challenge you to take one of those days, once a month, and nap.

  2. Kristy, you are so cute! I love reading your blog!!!

  3. It's funny that one day is feeling like not quite enough for you, because I am sort of feeling like two days a week is a little much! :) Of course, I don't have any one-day-a-week options and I don't think you have any two-day-a-week options, so here we are...

  4. I would have been so tempted to nap all that time away! : )



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