Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Huge Test of Paitence and Kindness

Being woken up four times during my nap today by my four year old.

First time: He measured himself with the tape measurer and needed to show me how tall he is.

Second time: He wanted to be done with rest time and get off the couch.

Third time: He was all sweaty from playing downstairs and the white fans on the wall weren't working (air conditioning vents).

Fourth time: He helped himself to a water bottle from our stash in case of bad weather and that cooled him off. He thought I needed to know. Did I mention that this was the bottled water that sat in the van for a day before I brought it in just two hours before he drank it. I bet it was really refreshing!

Also, the shorts that I bought in June are really tight and uncomfortable. And my shirts don't cover my belly as well. Hello, week 30. And yes, I do need shorts still it is 90 degrees and humid everyday still. I am counting down the days in September, people say it gets nicer towards the end of September. I'll believe it when I feel it.

And my varicose veins! Oh my!

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