Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Could Hide It No Longer

Caramel Apple Dip from McDonald's.

The boys like the apples and I just failed to mention that they were actually called apple dippers. I would leave the dip in the bag and they ate the apples without suspecting a thing.

Until today.

Sage started opening his Happy Meal before I could unpack it for him. And he found the dip. And he opened it. As he was opening it, he expressed his great delight and told me it was yummy. I asked how he knew, thinking Drew had given it to him before. He said "I licked it off my finger and it tastes like candy!"

Apple dippers fate is now sealed.


  1. at least it is low-fat. that's what i tell myself every time i eat adelaide's. i so wish you could have kept me from discovering it.

  2. My son doesn't like it but the daughter would eat it by the gallon (if I ever let her try it) :) Do they have Wendy's down there? My kids love the Mandarin orange option.


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