Sunday, April 05, 2009

Levi 4.5 Months

16.3 lbs ~ 97%

27 inches ~ 90%

Wears 3 – 6 month size clothing

Size small Fuzzi Bunz

Size 3 Huggies

Wakes up 1 – 2 times a night

Rolls from front to back

Rolls from back to front (although I’m not sure you’ve figured out you can)

Smiles at anyone who says hello to you

Laughs at big brothers

Watches big brothers from across the room

Chews on fist/thumb all the time

Drools like crazy

Falls asleep by yourself in the crib, or in the sling or Ergo, or in the car

Just discovered feet

Talks a lot

Wants to be with the family ~ if we’re eating dinner, you want to be held

Prefers to be held or have someone in your face


Started a new cry with a little scream in it

Is the sweetest 4 month old boy I know

Always brings a smile to my and daddy’s face


  1. so precious! The girls do the same thing at dinner... they want to be at the table in our laps.

    happy 4.5 months levi!


  2. Oh Kristy, I had the sweetest time with little Levi on Friday night! Just like you said, he just wanted someone to hold him and give him lots of attention, so I gladly obliged!! I got so many sweet giggles all night, it just melted my heart. Bring him EVERY Parent's Night Out and make sure he get REAL fussy so I get to hold him and snuggle him all night again!!!

  3. Oh, if only I could give him a squeeze through the internet! I loved the giggles and turn it on when I need a lift....thank you for taking the time to share! We love and miss you!

  4. So, so sweet... And oh my gosh, in that second picture he looks so much like Sage! I haven't seen that in the pictures before.

  5. Oh, and I was just thinking about your post again while driving and it struck me that I can't believe Levi is still in the small Fuzzi Bunz at 16+ lbs! Violet outgrew hers at ~14 lbs. She does have ridiculously chubby thighs, and these are the old-style Fuzzi Bunz-- maybe that's it?


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