Monday, April 13, 2009

Kolby 3 years

42 lbs.

39 inches

Wear size 3, 4 even some 5T clothes

Wear size 10 shoe

Potty training in progress {doing a great job~accidents when no one takes you}

So loving to Sage and Levi

Loves to hold Levi~ you call him "Vi" or "Baby"

Adore Sage

Copies everything Sage does

Say's "Age" for Sage

Calls Drew, "Dew". All the time.

Can put on your own crocs

Can put on and take off your own shirt and pants

Learned to ride your bike! {With training wheels}

Favorite food: pasta

Prefers peanut butter and jelly over ham and cheese

Prefers carrots over broccoli

Quick to cry when told no or when Sage does something you don't like~ throws fits

Has two special blankies, green and yellow

Takes one blankie with us a lot

Used to say "Mine" when I would get the sling or Ergo out for Levi

Calls me "Mama"

Is a great helper

Kills bugs in the house by hitting them with your fist

Cleans up your own spills on the floor

Makes every sound effect

Lines everything up, blocks, cars, pizza toppings {a toy}

Is always ready for the next thing

Favorite Movie: CARS

Wears bar and shoes at night

Plays with cars and trains a lot

Asks "Why?" and doesn't wait for the answer

Makes me smile

Makes me laugh

Makes me pray


  1. Oh, so fun! It's amazing how much he's changed since last summer. His face has so much little boy in it now and so much less toddler.

  2. I loved this. My favorite was "Kills bugs in the house by hitting them with your fist."


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