Thursday, April 09, 2009

Afros, I mean Astros

Drew surprised us with tickets to the Astros Opening Night on Monday. He surprised himself as well since he got them from work.

We were all very excited to go. I had just told Drew the day before, I really like watching baseball live.

We got to our seats and realized that we were right behind a wall. A wall that Drew and I could easily see over. Sage could see fine if he was standing, which he willingly did. But, Kolby, well he could only see the wall.

He made do by standing on the chair.

Sage was his typical seemingly unimpressed, not excited self until after he had some ice cream. Then he couldn't stop screaming "Go Astros!"

In this picture, he is jumping and yelling. It was very amusing to see our typically quiet child be so demonstrative. I even took a video but won't bore you with it.

Here's proof that Levi was there. His first baseball game. He was in the Ergo for a while then got hungry then got tired. I took Sage and Levi to go find ice cream and he fell asleep. My plan worked perfectly!

Levi and I were apparently on the big screen during the Smile Cam. I had stopped paying attention because Levi was giving me such big smiles.

We had a lot of fun and had hopes to go to more games but they were diminished when we found out that to help save costs at the office, tickets will go to the people willing to reimburse the company the price of the tickets. Um, $200 for the 5 innings our family can last just isn't in our price range. Oh well.


  1. Did Drew tell you that Rusty and I saw you on the screen? We were so excited! You looked so pretty!
    Glad to see that Levi is feeling better. We missed you on Sunday!

  2. oh I am so jealous - not because you saw the Astros, but baseball in general. I am looking forward to hopefully and anniversary trip to StL to watch the Cardinals!!

  3. loved the pictures- he's so into it! i'm glad it went so well! :)

  4. Is Kolby wearing a Red Sox cap? Looks like fun!


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