Monday, April 27, 2009

I Miss This

These were taken April 4, 2008. More than a year ago. All of April I tried not to think about the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees in New Haven. We lived a block away. They were in full bloom for about a week and I would go walk down the sidewalk everyday to visit the blooms. And then the blooms would start to fall and the boys would pick up the petals in fist fulls and throw them at each other.

We took this family picture at the Cherry Blossom Festival. It happened that year to fall the same weekend the trees bloomed.

And now my mouth is watering thinking about Pepe's Pizza, pepperoni. Oh, you can't get pizza like that in Texas. We would walk there for dinner or Drew would walk carry out home. We lived so close that we could call 10 minutes before closing and they would take our order, knowing we could get it before they closed. We had many late night pepperoni pizzas while I was pregnant with Kolby.

The first time we went, was so funny. To us. They showed us our booth, got a high chair for Sage. It was one that clipped on to the table, the restaurant wasn't big enough for high chairs sticking off the end of the table. And then they left. No menu. We sat there talking and wondering what to get. The waitress comes back and asks what we want. We told her we hadn't seen a menu yet. In typical New England fashion, she just looks at us and points above our heads at the wall. And walks away. The menu was on the wall! We felt stupid. And she left us sitting there for 15 more minutes.

By the time, we moved away, they recognized us when we came.


  1. that is beautiful! We have trees like that here but not on our block :) It's hard to move sometimes. You moved across the country right?


  2. What gorgeous pictures! I would be missing that too. And now my mouth is watering for pizza too. Yum.

  3. Maybe you guys should plant a cherry tree. We planted one 2 years ago and I can hardly wait for it to look like the ones in your pictures.

    and now I am strange hungry for pizza as well.

  4. I'm sure the cherry blossoms miss you guys, too! They were really spectacular this year...


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