Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Awkward Encounters

In just the last week, I've had three awkward encounters. None of them relate to each other but they have all left me walking away from someone thinking, "What?!"

I'm sitting at Community Bible Study, nursing Levi. I had him under my nursing cover and this older woman comes up and starts chatting. I don't really remember what she was talking about, I was so distracted by how she was looking down my nursing cover. I was hoping she just wanted to see the baby. Then she started exclaiming how neat my nursing cover was with how you could still see the baby. The baby wasn't all she could see! Since he was under the cover, I wasn't at all discreet with how I was holding him or where my shirt sat.

Today we were at the post office standing in line to pick up a package. The wait is a post in itself. Just imagine, Levi in the hotsling, Sage jumping and me holding tightly to Kolby's hand. Oh, and Levi was screaming for about 7 minutes until he finally fell asleep. He had wriggled himself into the cradle position and wriggled his arm closest to my body hanging outside the sling. He does this a lot. So, this lady comes up to me and says "Don't you think his arm is hurting like this?"

I know my face did not convey kindness after she turned around. My stress level was through the roof. Did I mention that at one point I was pretty sure Kolby was starting to do number two in his pants (his underwear)? It didn't occur to me that someone else may have passed gas.

The post office line is not where I want to take my three boys. Ever. It is my most dreaded errand. I always avoid eye contact with the other patrons.

We were walking around Hobby Lobby and this man comes up to us and says "Do y'all know the Good News?" I looked at Sage, he looked at me. The man continues, with hand motions, "The Good News that Christ died for our sins, was buried and three days later, rose again?" I told Sage, "Tell him, yes we do!" We continued on looking for chalk boards to write our verses.


  1. every mother has many, many long, irritating and stressful days under her belt!!


  2. Bless your heart. The post office and the bank are two places I strive never to enter.

  3. gretchen from lifenutThu Apr 16, 03:52:00 PM

    I can't even drive by the post office without nearly having a nervous breakdown. Some of our less-than-shining moments as a family (me included) have taken place there or because of there...


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