Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Weight Loss

Let's just get it out there. I haven't lost all the baby weight.

And I'm okay with that. Today.

I have about 5 pounds hanging around to get to my weight of when I got pregnant. I have about 8 pounds hanging around to get to my ideal weight. I have about 13 pounds hanging around to get to my goal weight and when I reach that goal weight, I'll be buying a new pair of jeans. A new expensive pair of jeans. From the outlet. If they fit right.

It's what I call incentive.

But it hasn't worked.

I had a goal of running a 5K. Today. I didn't run it. I haven't run that far since before I was pregnant.

I think I could do it, albeit veeerryyy slowly. Painfully slow.

I thought it would be so much easier. Not the losing weight part. The exercising part.

I haven't worried about the weight. My plan was if I was exercising, I would feel good about myself, eat less junk and the weight would come off on it's own.

I thought it would be so easy to get to the gym.

Or put Levi and Kolby in the double jogger and have Sage ride his bike.

It's not.

Levi doesn't love nurseries or child care. He just loves me.

Sage did well the first couple of times riding his bike. We went about a mile. And I spent a lot of it yelling "Ride faster!" "Come on Sage, you can do it!"

Oddly enough, most of my pants fit.

I'm not gonna sweat it. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, trying to get to the gym and telling myself it will only get better. It's just a short season of my life. Someday, I'll have time to work out more. For now, I'll do it when I can.


  1. I like that last paragraph. Freedom is a beautiful thing. And I'm thinking if you can get in all your jeans, it's all good. You are gorgeous!

  2. This has DEFINITELY been a focus of mine lately, for better or worse. I think it's for better for me, actually; I really do need to lose some of this weight for my health, sense of self, etc. I am just 1 or 2 lbs from my pre-Violet weight, but it's another 20 lbs to my pre-Grace weight, and then another 10 lbs to a good "skinny" weight for me. I'm actually doing official trying-to-lose-weight type things and am having pretty good success so far. Working out is so hard with little ones, though.


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