Friday, May 01, 2009

The Boys Weekend

While Levi and mommy were on a date the boys went camping with friends.

Mesmerized by the fire. Or smoke. Or both.

Sticks as pokers.

Climbing a fence.

Taking aim. See the turtle shell in the distance? (No turtles
were actually hurt)



Watching the waders. Funny, he wasn't a fan of the wading, at home he finds all the puddles and this was basically one big puddle.


Swinging on the vine.

The future of the NRA.

Sticks. As swords this time.

Root beer and meat round off the weekend.


  1. What a fun time for all your boys! Thanks for sharing the pictures - Drew is such a great Daddy and I am so happy for you!
    Love, Mom

  2. Wow they look like they are like 8 or something! I am sure they had tons of fun. Hats off to Drew for so many pictures!

  3. Drew-
    Nice job with the weaponry. "The future of the NRA." Love it.

  4. Looks like they had a blast--I'll have to suggest it to Glen. :)

  5. that is SO great!!!!!!!! They will remember that for years to come, you know?

    ditto on "nice job with the weaponry!" :) looks like Sage is holding a beer in the last picture.


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