Saturday, April 18, 2009

Product Junkie: Baby Edition

My new friend, Annalee from MOPS did this on her blog and I thought it was fun, so I did it too!

So, here are my picks of things I couldn't live without for my babies.

I didn't discover Mustela until I had Kolby and he had some problem skin. When I started using it, his skin cleared up. I had to rediscover it with Levi when the same thing happened. With the next baby, I'll just start using it from the beginning!

Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size Diaper Again, I didn't discover these until Kolby and we had two in diapers at the time and I got so sick of buying diapers. It was so stikin expensive. And Drew was in grad school. So, I decided to try cloth diapering. If my mom could do it, so could I! And seriously, these are probably the easiest cloth diapers you can use.

The BOB Dualie is our most favorite stroller. We got it not too long ago and have used it a lot. It pushes so easily, and I have a 42 pound 3 year old and 16 pound 5 month old, I can't tell who is sitting on what side when I push. I can push one handed and hold Sage's hand. This is the most amazing stroller. Drew and I both agree that this is hands down the best stroller we've ever owned. Sage and Kolby can both ride in it or Levi and Kolby or Levi and Sage, any of my boys can and will ride in it. It is so comfortable for them. Last weekend, we walked 2.5 miles with Sage and Kolby in it to pick up the van from Firestone. We had to sell our beloved Phil and Teds to get it and I can't say how happy I am with our new stroller.

Gumdrop Pacifiers are a new favorite. They are just so cute. And Levi likes it. I like that it is all one piece, no water can get in the nipple when I rinse it off. And I can get them in vanilla scent.

This swing was given to us when Kolby was a baby. We had an ultra cheap one for Sage and it broke when Kolby was 3 months old. A family was moving and their baby was done with the swing so she said if I could come get it, I could have it. It has been the best swing that we've ever had. Kolby took a 2 or 3 hour nap every afternoon in it until he was 10 months old. Levi uses it now, for some naps and in the mornings when he gets up too early. I love it and would replace it the same day if it broke. Probably not with the exact model since it is now selling for $241 but definitely a Fisher Price swing.

Bravado! Nursing Bra. I nurse my babies so I need a nursing bra. These are my favorite. If I formula fed my babies, I would have a favorite bottle.

Baby Bjorn bibs are my favorite bib of all time. I find they work the best when the baby is old enough to start eating finger foods by themselves and trying a spoon. It catches everything and is so easy to clean up, I wash it like a dish. It's just the best bib ever. Kolby still uses one. Levi will start in a few months.

My Hotsling has helped me through many parking lots, malls, bathrooms, restaurants, MOPS meetings, etc.

My Ergo Baby Carrier has also saved my life. I got this when Kolby was 8 months old, 28 pounds, and still (unknown to me) 10 months away from walking. I did many dishes, swiffered, dusted, and kept him happy with him on my back. Levi started using this about a month ago. He has been to the mall, the rodeo, the Astros game, the children's museum and around the house. He falls asleep easily in it and looks so cute with his little eyes peeking out.

I love being a mom and I love products that make my life easier and I enjoy telling others about them. If anyone has found the perfect diaper bag or the perfect handbag, let me know!


  1. 1) i love your list! we have been in search of a good bib forever. i'm getting these asap.
    2) how in the world did i forget about bravado bras (aka the most comfortable things known to womankind)? i just might have worn mine much longer than truly needed.
    3) went to story time at the library on thursday, so glad you shared.
    4) we are going to late service at your home church t-morrow. maybe i will see you there. there's only a few people after all so i realize the odds are really good:)
    5) this week is crazy, but we'd love to get together the week after that if anytime works for y'all.
    6) maybe i should have gotten your email in addition to your phone number so i wouldn't leave complete messages in your comment section! mine is annaleemccord at yahoo dot com

  2. You should have told me you wanted a BOB duallie! Ours is sitting unused in the garage!

  3. I should try those bibs. And you make me a wee bit green with envy over the stroller... :)

  4. ahhh could have used this post a couple wks ago! I almost emailed you about the nursing bra.


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