Sunday, November 30, 2008

Start then Stop

I have started at least three posts that I have then had to stop and go do something else, like feed the baby or change the baby or maybe take care of one of my other boys.

Church gets started, stopped and paused for me now. This morning we went to the 9:10 service because we didn't have Bible Study and church started at 9:10 and then paused at 9:30 to get to the nursing room before Levi started screaming and then stopped at 10:30 when it was over. On a side note, the nursing room is really nice, they have rocking chairs and a couch, even nursing pillows and a stool, a changing table which is stocked with everything plus little water bottles! And, the service is on a tv. Talk about supporting the nursing moms!

When my life seems to be on a start, pause or stop mode, my train of thought is out of control. I don't know what I'm supposed to say next or how to segue to the next topic. Or maybe that is the lack of sleep.

We have really enjoyed our 4 day weekend with Drew. We got out our Christmas decorations and set up our tree. The boys put on every single ornament this year. The tree looks kind of funny but cute. And since we have a Charlie Brown tree, it seems appropriate. When they were done, Drew was taking their picture in front of the tree and Sage said "Say, we did it!"

I got to shop some sales on Black Friday. We got the boys some gifts that they are going to love! And I took advantage of the Gap's sale of buy one sweater get one free for our family picture in January. I did not get up any earlier than normal and was still able to get the things that we wanted. This is the first year that I have intentionally gone shopping on Black Friday and I think it won't be the last! I took Levi with me and Drew took the boys to Lifetime. The weather was so hot and humid, I had a hard time controlling my irritability at the hotness! But today, I got to wear a sweater to church, that encouraged me. It's the little things in life.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our own little family this year. I made a turkey breast, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, raspberry jello salad and Swedish rye bread. Sadly, I did not give myself enough time for the bread and it didn't rise and didn't work. I was very disappointed. Next time I will make it the day before. I had got a pumpkin pie for free from the grocery store so I didn't make dessert. We still haven't sliced the pumpkin pie! I made m&m cookies in the afternoon while Drew took the boys to the park.

It was different to celebrate just ourselves but good. Next time, we want to be a little more purposeful with our day. We had talked about serving dinner somewhere but thought our kids were a little too young this year, especially Levi! Maybe next year. It ended up seeming like just another day that we called Thanksgiving.

Any ideas for our Christmas day?!

Now, you're mostly caught up with us. I haven't even mentioned that my dad and sister drove from Iowa to meet Levi and pick up my mom. It was so fun to have them even for a short visit. And my dad made and brought the boys an early Christmas present, a train table! It is so nice. They love it!

And did I tell you that Levi weighed in at 8'8 last week?! He left the hospital at 7'6 and 14 days later weighed 8'8.

Have a happy Sunday!


  1. At our last church we sat behind a screen in the nursery to feed our babies. I was always lobbying for a nice nursing room like at HFBC. I am so pumped about getting to use it this time. We missed y'all this morning! Glad you had a good Turkey Day. I hate knowing that you are going to be dearly disappointed in our winter here. Just keep in mind that at least you can still take your kids outside most of the time without a huge ordeal or them getting frostbite.

  2. Oh gosh, the scattered nature of life with a newborn is all coming back to me. :) And I'm going to be doing that in another month too! I think it's good to try to enjoy the snippets and tiny flashes for what they are, but boy, is it hard when you're used to concentrating on something for more than a minute or so...


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