Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Updates and Rambling on Everything

I found a pair of pants that I think will work for Kolby! Only $12.98. From Macy's. I can't find them online, they are the Greendog brand, an Everyday Value. I might have to look for more.


The boys had their first pediatrician appointment here with their new doctor. He is really great. Sage is 46 lbs. 43 inches which puts him in the 97th percentile for both height and weight. Kolby is 40 lbs. 38 inches which puts him over 97th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height. (Junk in his trunk?)

Sage got his 4 year old shots and screamed and cried. He went first and when he was done, Kolby climbed right up for his. He only needed the flu vaccine. Can't wait to see if he gets sick this time like he did last year (catch the sarcasm). I really hope not.


I had my OB appointment this morning and I am disappointed to tell you that I am the exact same as last week. I am embarrassed that Braxton Hic contractions made me cry on Sunday and they did nothing.

I'm back to my theory that I am really only 37 weeks now and I wish they never changed my due date. One week is a big deal at the end. Especially when they start checking me so early and getting my hopes up. He scheduled me for another ultrasound for Monday to see how big or little this punkin is. So by then, I'll either be 38 or 39 weeks depending on which due date you go with.

The theory has never left but when the doctor tells you at 35 weeks, there is no way you'll make it to 38 weeks, it gets old. I know I'm not past due or even due, it is just a mind game right now.


Have I mentioned that Drew's little brother is getting married? In January? In Minnesota? So, we are flying and such for the wedding. Which makes me nervous with a newborn. Did you know that if a baby is under 8 weeks and gets a fever it is automatic hospitalization with running a bunch of tests. Just one more reason to trust and pray, pray, pray!

Which also means the sooner he comes, the older he'll be when we travel. And selfishly, the more time I have to lose my squishy belly. Well, what will be my squishy belly which is now not so squishy at all.


Totally random, I got a pedicure today, thinking it might be the last one but decided that if I don't have this baby before November 18, I'm getting another one.

And, I think it is kind of weird that I can use a pedicure in November. I'm still wearing flip flops most days. Partly because other shoes are a tad uncomfortable right now but mostly because we are still in highs of high 70's to low 80's.


I bought the most comfortable pair of maternity pants from Target. I think I will live in them until the baby is born and after he is born. Do you think it was stupid to buy maternity pants? It's just that my jeans are so uncomfortable, they leave a mark and dig in. I only wear them out of the house. Can I wear these pants out of the house without looking sloppy or frumpy? I'll put a cute shirt on and cute shoes, maybe not even flip flops. Karoline?


Have you been wanting a reusable Target bag? Click here to get one for free!


How's that for random? And rambling? Wow, I might have set a new record. Apparently, I need to talk to an adult.


  1. I think it is totally justified to buy some maternity pants so late in pregnancy from Target. Dude, they look really comfy. I live in my stretch pants (outside of CBS :) ).

    It's really tough at the end of pregnancy. But I'm happy everything is going well. By this time with my girls they were talking induction cause the girls weren't growing anymore. They were talking kick counts and "call me anytime." It was a relief to get them out early, but... stressful! Talk about trust and pray, pray, pray!

    I do love the fact that we get to wear flip-flops almost year round! Not feeling so hot about needing pedicures year round!

    If you need adult time, I probably do too! Call me up, yo!

  2. I ended up flying with each of my kids before they were 8 weeks (actually before they were 2 weeks, come to think of it) For Kate we had to fly home for my Grandpa's funeral when she was 9 days old and for Ezra we had to fly home (of course) when he was only 5 days old. They are so easy at that age. The minute the plane starts moving they pretty much sleep or eat until it lands.

    I hope your little man arrives soon. I can't wait to see pictures.


  3. Oh yes, one week is a VERY BIG DEAL at the end. Heck, every day that comes stretches out interminably in front of you. I was hoping that it wouldn't be that way this around (at least as much) because I am busier with Grace and whatnot, but maybe it is unavoidable. :) Hang in there with as much equanimity as you can muster!


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