Sunday, November 16, 2008

International Babywearing Week

I read this post Monday morning before I went to my doctor appointment that I had hoped would get me sent to the hospital to have my sweet Levi.

And I got to!

The sling is from Nonny and Boo. It is the cherry bomb print and it's on sale!


  1. So, so sweet... And I just LOVE that sling-- have ever since I first saw you using it with Kolby.

  2. That sling is so cute. I really hope my next baby likes slings, because my current one did not. Hang in there. I read your last post, and it brought back so many memories of what I was feeling/thinking almost a year ago. The first few weeks are rough as hormones shift around. Someday you'll be feeling hot, hot, hot again :-)

  3. Congratulations...on being cold enough to wear a sweatshirt, hurray!

  4. Wow Kristi, it's been so long! I talked to Rachel from our class, gave me your blog address. I wanted to say hi and see how you were. It's good to see you are doing well. I hope God continues to bless you!

    Jeremy Waters

  5. This is BEAUTIFUL! I am sending this over to Ashlee now!



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