Sunday, November 09, 2008

Every Sunday

and Wednesday night, I drive away thinking, I am so thankful for our church.

And every Sunday, I think how I should write something about why I love and enjoy it so much.

I was desperate for a good church moving here. I needed some solid, Biblical teaching that I could relate to and understand. (For all those from CT reading this, we did go to a solid church, I however rarely left understanding what the message was about, it was over my head.) I also needed people, women whom I could relate to. I needed young, stay at home moms who love Jesus and that I clicked with. (Again, for the people in CT, I just didn't have that "click" friendship, values were a little different and I was one of the few that I knew who hadn't taken the gmats or attended some sort of graduate school.)

We didn't search for a good church too much here. We knew there were plenty of solid, Biblical churches so we kind of jumped in with our heads first and decided to stick it out with the first one that we visited. We did visit a few others but would want to be back at the church that we first went to. We also saw a baby announcement for some friends that we knew that we didn't realize lived in the same city, kind of a God thing.

We went to the contemporary service and really enjoyed it but felt a little lost in the crowd. So, we read through the list of Bible studies that are offered every Sunday morning. Yes, most churches call those Sunday schools. We didn't visit any different studies, we felt very welcomed and like we could fit right in. So we jumped in and started showing up every Sunday to the same study. Then they started teasing us about joining the class so we could get official name tags. We were a little hesitant because of the size of the class, about 40 couples, but Drew talked to the leaders about starting a smaller group for guys for accountability and they were wide open to it. So, we did it again, jumped in head first.

We also signed Sage up for the pre-school choir on Wednesday nights and Drew and I figured we would find something to do too. So, we go to Midlink taught by Curtis Jones. We are going through the life of Elijah, which is a lot more exciting and convicting than I thought it would be. I think Drew would agree.

Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there that I am so thankful God led us to First Baptist and that if you are looking for a church, plug yourself in, church is the people and you have to stick your head out or in, to find one.

This isn't very eloquent of even thorough but it gets the point across. I needed to hear, learn and see Jesus' love, I craved it and I found it. I knew it was there all along but now I see it in action and hear it and am convicted by it every Wednesday and Sunday. And most days by my own studying. Thank you, Jesus!


  1. I feel the same way every Sunday about wanting to write about church! Curtis and I are so glad that we have been able to cross paths with your family and get to know y'all this fall. We always had very rich Wednesday nights at our old church and it was hard leaving that. You and Drew (and even seeing the boys for a few minutes every week) have helped us feel like we have that again here. God is so good to all of us!

  2. Well said. I agree that sometimes you just have to "stick your head out," as you put it, to get connected. It is a risk sometimes, but well worth it.

    I'm really glad you are finding the fellowship and community that you need. Now, if only we were a little closer... =)

  3. I'm so thankful for you guys finding such a great place and you are convicting me to jump in where we are.

  4. That is so great that you guys are thriving where you've found yourself. I am wishing I had that. :( I am up at our church 3 times a week (Sunday mornings, Tuesday mornings, & Wednesday nights) and usually come away feeling so down about the dominant culture here. I miss Trinity a lot with its academic-y overtones and modicum of racial diversity and smart, thinking people. I know there are good things about where we are now, though, and am trying to focus on that.


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