Monday, November 03, 2008

Baseball Boys

Kolby doesn't quite understand that when he hits the ball, he's supposed to run and usually ends up crying because Sage runs after the ball and he thinks that he should have gone to get it. It's funny, the first time.

It looks something like this:

This is actually pretty tame because he got sat down to finish his tantrum. Usually, he is face down in the grass sitting on his knees.


  1. they are so cute! only 20 days... do you think you'll make it? I miss you guys, wish I could be there NOW!!! But I suppose December will have to do... Love you!

  2. Ugh - I can't HANDLE the utter, absolute SWEETNESS of those little boys!

  3. We're thinking of you all the time. Praying you keep feeling well and that everything goes smoothly. *HUGS!*

  4. Sweet boys? Awesome!! Miss ya, love ya, thinkin about ya


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