Monday, November 03, 2008

Unsmiling Halloween Pictures

Sage is in the High Five Choir at church and they sang at First Fest(our church's festival). It was the first thing we did and I have to say that Sage did not look excited at all nor did he seem to enjoy singing. But when it was over, he asked why they didn't sing more songs.

Sage the fire fighter.

Kolby the astronaut.

The fire fighter in the truck.

And Kolby.

On the mechanical bull.

And Kolby. It looks like Kolby might enjoy it, but it hasn't started yet.
They both had a really fun time although we don't have one picture of either of them smiling. They both rode a mechanical bull. The most fun part was before the bull started moving.

I missed the picture of Sage going down the giant slide because I was sitting down eating a sucker. I got a picture of Drew taking Kolby down the giant slide but I missed the part where Drew almost tumbled over with Kolby at the top, that would not have been good. Parents at the bottom literally gasped as Drew jumped onto his bottom holding Kolby. It didn't look like it was going to end well but everything was okay.

There was also a petting box with a donkey, 2 ducks and some rabbits. Sage stuck his hand in front of one of the rabbits mouths and got bit, or so he claims. I think he was thinking that like dogs, the rabbit needed to smell his hand before he could pet it. Kolby loved the animals and would squat down and say hi, hi.

I was bummed because we each got 4 pieces of candy. And 2 of the 4 were suckers. And none of it was chocolate. Somehow we missed all the candy. I was so looking forward to gorging myself on Halloween candy at the end of this pregnancy.

It was a really overwhelming festival for all of us. It ws a lot of fun, just overwhelming.

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