Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Rest of The Story

My mom was babysitting the boys and she decided to give them a bath. She got Sage out and they played "where's Sage" and got him all dried off. She thought he was going to his room and she turned to get Kolby out.

Next thing she knew, he was sprawled on the floor, with a bleeding head. She thinks he hit his head on the toilet handle. He says he tripped.

He's proving to be so graceful!

We're going to have to start budgeting money for our ER visits. Unless someone knows where I can get my kids' heads stitched somewhere besides the ER? Please?!

Is it bad that both times as I've walked into the ER with Sage skipping beside me, I've thought, there goes that new purse I've been wanting.

The joys of boys.


  1. "Unless someone knows where I can get my kids' heads sticked somewhere besides the ER? Please?!"

    Drew, maybe you should think about medical school next?!

  2. You can go to an urgent care. Our local Children's Hospital has several urgent care affiliates throughout the area. It's a $50 copay compared to a $200 copay with our insurance. Joel got his stitches at the urgent care. Beatrix had her nursemaid's elbow snapped back into place there, too.

    There are other independent urgent care places where they can do stitches, x-rays, etc. Look them up before you need one and keep a list handy. Really, they are a life-saver.


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