Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Baby Slash Guest Room

I wanted the room to be decorated in such a way that I can take down the crib and the changing pad and it is a comfortable guest room. Also, I wanted green. I found the Target DwellStudio Circle collection and knew I could make it all work.

Also, I have it totally redecorated for a little girl. I'll have Drew paint pink stripes down the walls and get some pieces from the Target DwellStudio Olivia collection. You know, if Target still sells it when or if we have a girl.

These are taken from two corners of the room. You can't see the closet doors, but they're white if you need to know.

Okay, so I know we need pictures above this bed and we will. Sometime. I'm thinking maybe a shelf too. I want to print some in sepia tones and frame them in a natural color frame matching the crib. But, if I waited to show you pictures after we got the pictures hung, it might be years. Just kidding, but we just printed pictures and hung them in our powder room and it has been painted for months.

And the red chair is my cheap version of a bedside table. I looked at some at Ikea and didn't love them and didn't want to pay for them. We had this chair for Sage to sit in at the table, so I bought him a new one ($20) and put this one in the room. I really like how it turned out. I also need a clock.

Here's an up close look at what we call "The Tree". It's a Drew original. He used two packages of the circles to create it. I found the circles on clearance for $1.98 per package!

And, if you can tell me the one thing the room is still missing, besides the things I pointed out, you win. In your own world, you win. That's it. I'm not sending out a prize, just curious if anyone can tell what's missing.

It's our first "nursery" that we've decorated. When Sage was born, we knew we were moving in temporarily to my brothers basement apartment, so we set up the crib and put a chair in there. With Kolby, well we had a two bedroom apartment, so we set up the crib or actually, we kicked Sage out of the crib and gave him a big boy bed that someone had given us. Their room had pink floral wallpaper. Don't judge, we were renting!

We anticipate moving this little boy in with his big brothers at some point. I'm not sure why, but that's what we're thinking. If we ever move, I would love to have one big room with 3 twin beds in it. I saw a Pottery Barn spread that was so cute!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into our house!


  1. Me also on the green - what is the "official color" and where is it from?

  2. a mattress. :)

    love the green and the tree!


  3. I think the one thing missing in the room is . . . a baby!

  4. Love the wall color and the tree!

  5. The artsy tree and the green are great! Now you just need that little dude :)

  6. Oh my holy hooch, I'm so in love with that room!

  7. i LOVE it all! amazing! and creative!

    now put that BABY in there and you'll be set!


  8. You do realize of course that it's not coming as a guest don't you? Might as well make it the babys room.

  9. oh yeah. Things missing: 1)The painting of Elvis that belongs above every bed everywhere. 2)The gunsafe for the corner of the room 3) A nightstand (although I kinda like the chair myself) 4)A lifesize cutout of Dale Jr. 5)A bear skin rug!

  10. What? look. they really aren't there.


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