Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Changing Priorities

I wanted to do some cleaning this afternoon.

Levi had other plans.

He rather likes to be held while he sleeps.

I'm not complaining.

Just brush the crumbs off your feet on the way out the door.

Typing left handed is slow going.

He wasn't feeling the sling or the Baby Bjorn.

This might be my saviour.


  1. I loved my hotsling! In fact, I need to order a new one for baby girl. Crumbs? Oh well. You have a 3 week old. It's all good. You are a great mama! I enjoyed our lunch yesterday so much!

  2. I have the reversible Ingrid. I like your taste.

  3. I have a kangaroo pouch..not sure what the website is. If you want to look at it, let me know. Townes loved it, plus, it's so snuggly and warm. I tried the hot sling, didn't work at good for bigger baby! You're a wonderful mom!


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