Sunday, November 30, 2008

Start then Stop

I have started at least three posts that I have then had to stop and go do something else, like feed the baby or change the baby or maybe take care of one of my other boys.

Church gets started, stopped and paused for me now. This morning we went to the 9:10 service because we didn't have Bible Study and church started at 9:10 and then paused at 9:30 to get to the nursing room before Levi started screaming and then stopped at 10:30 when it was over. On a side note, the nursing room is really nice, they have rocking chairs and a couch, even nursing pillows and a stool, a changing table which is stocked with everything plus little water bottles! And, the service is on a tv. Talk about supporting the nursing moms!

When my life seems to be on a start, pause or stop mode, my train of thought is out of control. I don't know what I'm supposed to say next or how to segue to the next topic. Or maybe that is the lack of sleep.

We have really enjoyed our 4 day weekend with Drew. We got out our Christmas decorations and set up our tree. The boys put on every single ornament this year. The tree looks kind of funny but cute. And since we have a Charlie Brown tree, it seems appropriate. When they were done, Drew was taking their picture in front of the tree and Sage said "Say, we did it!"

I got to shop some sales on Black Friday. We got the boys some gifts that they are going to love! And I took advantage of the Gap's sale of buy one sweater get one free for our family picture in January. I did not get up any earlier than normal and was still able to get the things that we wanted. This is the first year that I have intentionally gone shopping on Black Friday and I think it won't be the last! I took Levi with me and Drew took the boys to Lifetime. The weather was so hot and humid, I had a hard time controlling my irritability at the hotness! But today, I got to wear a sweater to church, that encouraged me. It's the little things in life.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our own little family this year. I made a turkey breast, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, raspberry jello salad and Swedish rye bread. Sadly, I did not give myself enough time for the bread and it didn't rise and didn't work. I was very disappointed. Next time I will make it the day before. I had got a pumpkin pie for free from the grocery store so I didn't make dessert. We still haven't sliced the pumpkin pie! I made m&m cookies in the afternoon while Drew took the boys to the park.

It was different to celebrate just ourselves but good. Next time, we want to be a little more purposeful with our day. We had talked about serving dinner somewhere but thought our kids were a little too young this year, especially Levi! Maybe next year. It ended up seeming like just another day that we called Thanksgiving.

Any ideas for our Christmas day?!

Now, you're mostly caught up with us. I haven't even mentioned that my dad and sister drove from Iowa to meet Levi and pick up my mom. It was so fun to have them even for a short visit. And my dad made and brought the boys an early Christmas present, a train table! It is so nice. They love it!

And did I tell you that Levi weighed in at 8'8 last week?! He left the hospital at 7'6 and 14 days later weighed 8'8.

Have a happy Sunday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear Mother

This is a cool project.

Here's mine.

Dear Mother,

I’m tired. Will I ever not be tired?

I have the new mom feeling. I just had my third baby, a boy. I know this feeling. I remember it so well. Taking the kids out of the house seems like such a huge accomplishment. Never mind the fact that I didn’t shower.

I just need one thing from the grocery store. I decide to walk, it’s just two blocks. The fresh air will do us good. I get us all dressed and in sweatshirts. We get the stroller out of the van. And take the sweatshirts back in the house. I forgot we live in Texas and it is 60 degrees and warm out.

The baby is fussing, the two year old is quiet, looking at a book and the 4 year old is talkative. I’m starting to sweat.

I decide to stop in a second hand store next to the grocery store. I want to try on a pair of jeans, second hand that cost $98. They don’t go past my thigh.

The baby is still fussing, the two year old still quiet and the 4 year old a little too rambunctious for the store owner. I take the baby out and cradle him in my arm, push the stroller and instruct the 4 year old to hang on to the stroller handle.

We haven’t made it to the grocery store yet.

We walk through the grocery store, while I give many warnings about not skipping through the store and be careful of the displays. I’m still sweating.

I find my one item after looking in the same aisle for what felt like 5 minutes. Pay for it and get out.

The baby is asleep, I put him back in the stroller and we start our walk home.

I got the wrong thing.

I’m giving myself permission to not finish folding the laundry; instead I will enjoy my newborn as he snuggles on my chest. I’m giving myself permission to not vacuum, instead I will read a book to my 2 and 4 year old. I’m giving myself permission to not dust the living room, instead I will play cars. I’m giving myself permission not to compare myself to that other mother; I don’t really know her or her struggles. I’m giving myself permission to not make that special bread, my husband isn’t. I’ll go back to the store when he gets home.



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Non Mothers Day Out Day

Did you know that Mothers Day Out was canceled today? I didn't. I showed up with all three of the boys, with two of the boys very excited for MDO. And three of us walked away very disappointed.

It meant that I had to take three little boys to the grocery store with me, for the first time. I wasn't mentally prepared for that but I prayed and asked for a good attitude and the Lord blessed me and we made it out alive and with no balloons.

Now, I love my grocery store. The HEB. Really, I love it. It is the best grocery store ever. It is brand new and it is amazing! I can't describe my love for it. The first time that I went, I walked around with a huge smile on my face the whole time. (I was alone- that may have helped) I wanted to go up to strangers and say don't you just love this grocery store?!

BUT. Why do they have someone stationed at the entrance waiting to hand out balloons to me sweet boys? When they get balloons they are no longer my sweet boys. They turn into these balloon hitting machines. I'm telling you, balloons walking through the grocery store with two boys strapped down but their hands and arms free? Not a good idea. Kolby figured out his legs were free too and that his foot could reach just about anything.

And the store is crowded. Like I felt like I needed a blinker to pull out after getting something off the shelf.

We didn't get the balloons. I'm no fool. I pushed the cart so fast through the entrance while giving the balloon man the evil eye that said don't even think about handing that to my child. The boys didn't have time to notice the balloon man. They noticed the other mom who took the balloons for her boys. She had them tied to the cart where her boys couldn't touch them. Sucker. Then they noticed that she had found a beloved car cart for her children to drive.

They did notice that I did not take the HEB bucks so they could get a sticker out of the machine at the end. Out and back in the cart for stickers? Not worth it.

Honestly, they really did do well in the grocery store. But I would consider having all extremities strapped down also. And maybe a piece of tape over their mouths.

Just kidding. Kind of.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Rest of The Story

My mom was babysitting the boys and she decided to give them a bath. She got Sage out and they played "where's Sage" and got him all dried off. She thought he was going to his room and she turned to get Kolby out.

Next thing she knew, he was sprawled on the floor, with a bleeding head. She thinks he hit his head on the toilet handle. He says he tripped.

He's proving to be so graceful!

We're going to have to start budgeting money for our ER visits. Unless someone knows where I can get my kids' heads stitched somewhere besides the ER? Please?!

Is it bad that both times as I've walked into the ER with Sage skipping beside me, I've thought, there goes that new purse I've been wanting.

The joys of boys.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hot Date

Monday night, Drew, Levi and I went to see Fireproof. We were enjoying the movie, Levi was behaving perfectly and then Drew's phone vibrated. He looked at it and said, "It's your mom." I told him to answer it and he did as he walked out of the not so crowded theater. As he walked away, I prayed that everything was okay at home.

It wasn't.

He came back in and said Sage fell and needs stitches on his head. I set Levi back in his car seat and handed it to Drew as he asked me "Where's the baby? Where's the baby?"

We ran/walked out with Drew going to pull the van up and me stopping to buckle the baby.

As I hopped into the van, I asked if he had heard Sage crying in the background. He hadn't.

We knew little information, just that Sage fell and needed stitches.

We hit the first red light. Got on the freeway and it seemed like we hit every red light on the way home.

I could only pray "Lord, be with Sage, be with my mom and be with Kolby." I felt like crying.

We got in to the house and all was quiet. All three of them were in the boys bathroom, Sage on mom's lap with a bloody towel pressed to his head. Kolby sitting in the now drained tub with a towel around him for warmth. Sage was calm and it was evident he needed stitches. It is on his forehead right by his hairline and it was deep.

Drew, Sage, Levi and I loaded up and headed to the ER. We got there at 8pm and after much waiting got home at 1am.

It was nothing like my experience last month. Sage was so tired he fell asleep around 11 in the waiting area, slept on the bed in the room and was angry when he got woken up to get stuck in his head.

This cut bled, a lot. As the doctor was trying to clean it and numb it, it was gushing blood. Drew was holding his legs and I was holding his hands and arms. Drew got the hard end. I had to sit down a couple times it was so gross. As the doctor was stitching it, with every stitch he made, it bled more. And Sage screamed. And screamed.

We promised WALL-E, a shake, a cheeseburger, anything for him to calm down.

WALL-E worked. Kind of.

So, last night, we went back to the theater and saw Fireproof again. It was good, we even got to eat dinner.

In the waiting room.

Back in the room. Waiting some more.

The final product.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

International Babywearing Week

I read this post Monday morning before I went to my doctor appointment that I had hoped would get me sent to the hospital to have my sweet Levi.

And I got to!

The sling is from Nonny and Boo. It is the cherry bomb print and it's on sale!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not Feeling So Hot

I did something stupid. I made a mistake. Again. Is there a theme on this blog of the stupid things I've done?

I weighed myself. And then. I tried on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans.

And none, zero, zip, nada, not one shirt fits either.

I'm stuck wearing maternity jeans and t-shirts. And not cute t-shirts, t-shirts of various colleges and places I've been. And quite honestly, even those are a little tight.

And I know, it has only been 5 days. But, I have had to actually leave my house. Levi's bilirubin level is up. I had to take him to the doctor yesterday and then to the lab for his blood work. It went up from 12.2 yesterday to 13.5 today. The doctor wants it retested tomorrow except that the lab is closed tomorrow. I'm not worried and I know I should lay him in direct sunlight but we aren't getting any sunlight in our house today.

I probably have a little bit of the baby blues. Kind of weepy. Irritable. Or maybe I'm just not getting enough sleep.

I can totally talk myself out of my thinking. I am so thankful for my beautiful, perfect baby and for my mom doing all my work. I haven't cooked or cleaned up from a meal. Sage and Kolby are so adoring to Levi. Especially Sage. He loves to hold him, he talks to him and is so sweet. Kolby is sweet too if not always gentle!

I have so many thoughts and emotions rolling around in my head. Most of them kind of silly and probably selfish too.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm feeling hot, hot, hot.

Well, maybe not hot, but really good. I mean who can feel hot in sweatpants and a t-shirt and besides, I made the mistake of weighing myself. And it made me scared to try on actual clothes, which I should not be doing anyway and I know that but I am so excited to wear actual clothes. Pants without a stretchy waist. Shirts that don't bulge in the front. Wait, they do still bulge in the front, they just aren't made to do that!

I hope you are getting the vibe of this post. I'm trying to be funny. But, I really do feel quite good.

My mom is here and she is managing and playing with the boys. My work load is minimal. Nurse the baby, hold the baby, take a nap and I went one step further and made myself a cup of half-caf coffee.

He's sleeping in the sling right now, which has been something of a dream for me. I wanted to be a baby wearer with Kolby but always felt fake because I used a Bjorn because of his shoes and bar. And that wasn't fake, I just wanted to use slings and such more. And can I tell you how not stressful this is? I mean, when we brought Kolby home, we were immediately researching club foot and how to treat it and what doctor would be the best. And now, we're just home and hanging out. Not making doctor appointments, except for the jaundice check on Friday.

I mean really I should have a baby everyday. Totally joking.

He eats about every 2 hours and loves to be held and snuggled. And I love obliging him. So does Sage. And Kolby. And Grandma.

We're having a blast.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Few Silent Moment

Levi is in the nursery waiting for his pediatrician to check him over one last time, I'm waiting for my breakfast, Drew and the boys are on their way to get my mom from the airport.

I'm tired. Very tired. Levi slept all day yesterday and was awake most of the night. His nurse kept coming in to see if he'd had a diaper change or if he'd nursed so between him nursing and his nurse coming in, sleep was scarce. And I was nervous of getting caught of having him sleep in my bed with me after the nurse told me he needed to sleep in his bassinet. (I'm a rule follower and don't like to get in trouble) The whole you'll sleep better and more in the hospital thing isn't working out for me.

I'm cramping a lot more than my other two births. I feel more in need of the strong stuff, vicadin. I'm even taking a prescription home. And I have not been smart about keeping on top of the pain, I haven't taken it as often as I should.

And oh the pain of nursing! I can't believe that I have forgotten all this?!

But, I have a beautiful, perfect new baby. And it makes it all worth it.

I started writing Levi's birth story but need to check details with Drew, surprisingly, my mind is a little fuzzy on the details!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2 Weeks Ago Tonight

You read the doctors office story from the morning of November 10th.

So, I knew I was having a different doctor deliver me and I was fine with that. This would be my first ob-gyn experience. With Sage and Kolby, I had a midwife. Very hands on. In the room most of the time. Nothing monitoring me. No iv. Not the case his time.

I had to wear two monitors, one for the baby's heartbeat and one for the contractions. I understand the baby's heart beat, they want to monitor it to make sure it doesn't dip or anything. Except that the baby kept getting lower and lower and hard to keep the monitor in the right place. Many times the nurse had to come back in and rearrange the monitor.

The contraction monitor just allowed Drew to see how painful the contractions were or weren't and when they were coming. Except that it was a little behind my pain level. He figured it out pretty quickly. And, I don't understand why my contractions needed monitored but what ever, I could handle it.

My first iv. I had to get my first iv. I understood why they wanted me to have it in, "just in case" I needed an emergency c-section. I get it and I was okay with having it. BUT. I didn't realize that after the baby was born, it would most definitely be used. They put some saline mixed with petocin. So, all night long, my uterus was contracting. And it was painful. Keep me awake painful. I would not have agreed to that, but it was already done and started. I hated the whole iv experience. I even thought to myself "I can't wait for my labor to pick up so that I don't think about the iv anymore." And then I found out I had to keep it in.

So, those were the things that I didn't like about my experience.

And now from the beginning. We took the boys to our friends house and got them settled for the evening/night. As an aside, they did so great.

We got to the hospital a little bit after 4 pm. We did paperwork and waited for the doctor to come and break my water. She got there and broke my water about 5:25. I was at 4 cm. And, we waited. Drew and I thought that immediately contractions would come fast and furious. That was what happened with Kolby, so of course it would happen this time too, right?! Not so much. The first hour, contractions picked up but nothing too horrible and they were like 8 minutes apart.

Pitocin was suggested at 6:15. I declined and said lets see what's happening at 7. By quarter to 7, I was at 7 cm.

Contractions got harder. I mentioned not doing a natural delivery next time and that this would be our last child. Drew told the doctor that historically we're really close when I say those two things.

I told myself many times to pull it together, get myself under control. Also, this was the best labor and delivery that Drew and I have done together. He was so encouraging and loving. The other two labors, the midwives or nurse really "took control" of me and keeping me focused. Drew and I really connected this time and when I opened my eyes, his face was the one I was looking for and his voice was the one that I listened for. He said the right things at the right times and I know I fell more in love with him during the labor and then watching him with our new son, amazing.

I remember one really bad contraction. And then, a lull. I even said "What's this, the calm before the storm?" And it turned out to be just that.

The next contraction, I was pushing. He was coming and there was no stopping him. Except for the nurse telling me not to push. I screamed instead and asked why. The doctor didn't have her gloves on yet. Then she told me to push, Drew told me how great I was doing. And two pushes later and he was out.

They set him on me, told me to kiss him and whisked him away. All the while, saying how big he was. We got him for an hour, he nursed and we both cuddled him and then they took him to the nursery for observation for 4 hours and took me to my room to settle in for the night. I didn't sleep until the nurse brought him back to me.

I can't believe it has been two weeks already. The pain of his delivery is still so fresh in my mind but my body is healing so quickly. Women's bodies really are amazing.

Levi Gunnar

Born at 7:19pm
7 lbs. 15 oz.
19.75 inches

First Family of Five! Picture

Monday, November 10, 2008

No Drama

This might be scattered, I'm trying to collect my thoughts as best as possible.

I had an ultrasound and doctor appointment this morning. The baby looks good, size is estimated at 7 lbs. 5 oz to 8 lbs. 5 oz.

We'll be finding out today how much he really weighs!

Yes, I said today! We are getting ready to take the boys to a friends house for the evening/night and then we'll go check in at the hospital. We hope to be to the hospital a little after 3.

My appointment was so crazy. The ultrasound tech told us that my doctor had fallen over the weekend and wouldn't be back in until Wed. He fell changing a light bulb in the bathroom, and landed in the tub. At first, they thought he had a concussion and bleeding in the head but it ends up he only has facial fractures not requiring surgery.

After all that, she said they are just testing urine, weight and blood pressure today so I sent Drew back to work and kept the boys with me. I got called back fairly quickly, she checked the normal stuff and then left saying someone would be with me soon.

It seemed like quite a long wait with two little boys that I was trying to keep entertained in there and finally they come in and tell me that I am going to head over to a different doctor for my cervical check.

The boys and I trooped through the rain outside and made it to the other office. After another fairly longish wait in the waiting room and then getting right back in with the doctor, she determined I was at 4cm and said she would call labor and delivery to see if they are busy.

And that is the story of where we are at now.

I'm a little nervous, I am heading in for some voluntary pain and I'm praying that I have my expectations managed for how long I'll actually be in labor. I probably have too high of expectations. Sage was 4 hours and Kolby was less than an hour, it's hard to not have high expectations of a speedy delivery. We'll see.

I'm not positive the hospital has Wi-fi since I have never actually been on the labor or delivery floor! Guess, we'll be finding out.

Sorry this is scattered and I'm not going back for a read through. We need to be scooting out the door!

I won't leave you hanging...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Every Sunday

and Wednesday night, I drive away thinking, I am so thankful for our church.

And every Sunday, I think how I should write something about why I love and enjoy it so much.

I was desperate for a good church moving here. I needed some solid, Biblical teaching that I could relate to and understand. (For all those from CT reading this, we did go to a solid church, I however rarely left understanding what the message was about, it was over my head.) I also needed people, women whom I could relate to. I needed young, stay at home moms who love Jesus and that I clicked with. (Again, for the people in CT, I just didn't have that "click" friendship, values were a little different and I was one of the few that I knew who hadn't taken the gmats or attended some sort of graduate school.)

We didn't search for a good church too much here. We knew there were plenty of solid, Biblical churches so we kind of jumped in with our heads first and decided to stick it out with the first one that we visited. We did visit a few others but would want to be back at the church that we first went to. We also saw a baby announcement for some friends that we knew that we didn't realize lived in the same city, kind of a God thing.

We went to the contemporary service and really enjoyed it but felt a little lost in the crowd. So, we read through the list of Bible studies that are offered every Sunday morning. Yes, most churches call those Sunday schools. We didn't visit any different studies, we felt very welcomed and like we could fit right in. So we jumped in and started showing up every Sunday to the same study. Then they started teasing us about joining the class so we could get official name tags. We were a little hesitant because of the size of the class, about 40 couples, but Drew talked to the leaders about starting a smaller group for guys for accountability and they were wide open to it. So, we did it again, jumped in head first.

We also signed Sage up for the pre-school choir on Wednesday nights and Drew and I figured we would find something to do too. So, we go to Midlink taught by Curtis Jones. We are going through the life of Elijah, which is a lot more exciting and convicting than I thought it would be. I think Drew would agree.

Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there that I am so thankful God led us to First Baptist and that if you are looking for a church, plug yourself in, church is the people and you have to stick your head out or in, to find one.

This isn't very eloquent of even thorough but it gets the point across. I needed to hear, learn and see Jesus' love, I craved it and I found it. I knew it was there all along but now I see it in action and hear it and am convicted by it every Wednesday and Sunday. And most days by my own studying. Thank you, Jesus!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Baby Slash Guest Room

I wanted the room to be decorated in such a way that I can take down the crib and the changing pad and it is a comfortable guest room. Also, I wanted green. I found the Target DwellStudio Circle collection and knew I could make it all work.

Also, I have it totally redecorated for a little girl. I'll have Drew paint pink stripes down the walls and get some pieces from the Target DwellStudio Olivia collection. You know, if Target still sells it when or if we have a girl.

These are taken from two corners of the room. You can't see the closet doors, but they're white if you need to know.

Okay, so I know we need pictures above this bed and we will. Sometime. I'm thinking maybe a shelf too. I want to print some in sepia tones and frame them in a natural color frame matching the crib. But, if I waited to show you pictures after we got the pictures hung, it might be years. Just kidding, but we just printed pictures and hung them in our powder room and it has been painted for months.

And the red chair is my cheap version of a bedside table. I looked at some at Ikea and didn't love them and didn't want to pay for them. We had this chair for Sage to sit in at the table, so I bought him a new one ($20) and put this one in the room. I really like how it turned out. I also need a clock.

Here's an up close look at what we call "The Tree". It's a Drew original. He used two packages of the circles to create it. I found the circles on clearance for $1.98 per package!

And, if you can tell me the one thing the room is still missing, besides the things I pointed out, you win. In your own world, you win. That's it. I'm not sending out a prize, just curious if anyone can tell what's missing.

It's our first "nursery" that we've decorated. When Sage was born, we knew we were moving in temporarily to my brothers basement apartment, so we set up the crib and put a chair in there. With Kolby, well we had a two bedroom apartment, so we set up the crib or actually, we kicked Sage out of the crib and gave him a big boy bed that someone had given us. Their room had pink floral wallpaper. Don't judge, we were renting!

We anticipate moving this little boy in with his big brothers at some point. I'm not sure why, but that's what we're thinking. If we ever move, I would love to have one big room with 3 twin beds in it. I saw a Pottery Barn spread that was so cute!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into our house!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Updates and Rambling on Everything

I found a pair of pants that I think will work for Kolby! Only $12.98. From Macy's. I can't find them online, they are the Greendog brand, an Everyday Value. I might have to look for more.


The boys had their first pediatrician appointment here with their new doctor. He is really great. Sage is 46 lbs. 43 inches which puts him in the 97th percentile for both height and weight. Kolby is 40 lbs. 38 inches which puts him over 97th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height. (Junk in his trunk?)

Sage got his 4 year old shots and screamed and cried. He went first and when he was done, Kolby climbed right up for his. He only needed the flu vaccine. Can't wait to see if he gets sick this time like he did last year (catch the sarcasm). I really hope not.


I had my OB appointment this morning and I am disappointed to tell you that I am the exact same as last week. I am embarrassed that Braxton Hic contractions made me cry on Sunday and they did nothing.

I'm back to my theory that I am really only 37 weeks now and I wish they never changed my due date. One week is a big deal at the end. Especially when they start checking me so early and getting my hopes up. He scheduled me for another ultrasound for Monday to see how big or little this punkin is. So by then, I'll either be 38 or 39 weeks depending on which due date you go with.

The theory has never left but when the doctor tells you at 35 weeks, there is no way you'll make it to 38 weeks, it gets old. I know I'm not past due or even due, it is just a mind game right now.


Have I mentioned that Drew's little brother is getting married? In January? In Minnesota? So, we are flying and such for the wedding. Which makes me nervous with a newborn. Did you know that if a baby is under 8 weeks and gets a fever it is automatic hospitalization with running a bunch of tests. Just one more reason to trust and pray, pray, pray!

Which also means the sooner he comes, the older he'll be when we travel. And selfishly, the more time I have to lose my squishy belly. Well, what will be my squishy belly which is now not so squishy at all.


Totally random, I got a pedicure today, thinking it might be the last one but decided that if I don't have this baby before November 18, I'm getting another one.

And, I think it is kind of weird that I can use a pedicure in November. I'm still wearing flip flops most days. Partly because other shoes are a tad uncomfortable right now but mostly because we are still in highs of high 70's to low 80's.


I bought the most comfortable pair of maternity pants from Target. I think I will live in them until the baby is born and after he is born. Do you think it was stupid to buy maternity pants? It's just that my jeans are so uncomfortable, they leave a mark and dig in. I only wear them out of the house. Can I wear these pants out of the house without looking sloppy or frumpy? I'll put a cute shirt on and cute shoes, maybe not even flip flops. Karoline?


Have you been wanting a reusable Target bag? Click here to get one for free!


How's that for random? And rambling? Wow, I might have set a new record. Apparently, I need to talk to an adult.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Baseball Boys

Kolby doesn't quite understand that when he hits the ball, he's supposed to run and usually ends up crying because Sage runs after the ball and he thinks that he should have gone to get it. It's funny, the first time.

It looks something like this:

This is actually pretty tame because he got sat down to finish his tantrum. Usually, he is face down in the grass sitting on his knees.

Unsmiling Halloween Pictures

Sage is in the High Five Choir at church and they sang at First Fest(our church's festival). It was the first thing we did and I have to say that Sage did not look excited at all nor did he seem to enjoy singing. But when it was over, he asked why they didn't sing more songs.

Sage the fire fighter.

Kolby the astronaut.

The fire fighter in the truck.

And Kolby.

On the mechanical bull.

And Kolby. It looks like Kolby might enjoy it, but it hasn't started yet.
They both had a really fun time although we don't have one picture of either of them smiling. They both rode a mechanical bull. The most fun part was before the bull started moving.

I missed the picture of Sage going down the giant slide because I was sitting down eating a sucker. I got a picture of Drew taking Kolby down the giant slide but I missed the part where Drew almost tumbled over with Kolby at the top, that would not have been good. Parents at the bottom literally gasped as Drew jumped onto his bottom holding Kolby. It didn't look like it was going to end well but everything was okay.

There was also a petting box with a donkey, 2 ducks and some rabbits. Sage stuck his hand in front of one of the rabbits mouths and got bit, or so he claims. I think he was thinking that like dogs, the rabbit needed to smell his hand before he could pet it. Kolby loved the animals and would squat down and say hi, hi.

I was bummed because we each got 4 pieces of candy. And 2 of the 4 were suckers. And none of it was chocolate. Somehow we missed all the candy. I was so looking forward to gorging myself on Halloween candy at the end of this pregnancy.

It was a really overwhelming festival for all of us. It ws a lot of fun, just overwhelming.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday: A Review

We went to Sunday school, church, and then out to eat at Sam's Deli. Our family favorite Sunday after church lunch spot. Yummy burgers, fries and shakes for cheap!

I had planned to go grocery shopping since it didn't happen yesterday morning since I was sent back to bed my sweet husband who was protecting himself and our children from my grumpiness. And then I started having some contractions, at the restaurant, on the way home and then again when we got home.

Drew started "the list". He has made a list of the times of the contractions with each of our babies.


And then waiting, waiting, and no more.

Not all of them were really hard, but a couple brought tears to my eyes. My doctor has told me not to mess around.

I missed my chance to have this baby today. But I would have felt like I cheated somehow if I went. They were just so sporadic. They probably would have stopped after we got the kids dropped off at our friends house.

Sage was with us through all these and was so excited for the baby to be born. He even prayed that my water would break and the baby would come today.

I have my appointment on Tuesday. I don't know what I hope. I hope I have this baby soon.

And now, I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow morning, with the boys. Bummer.