Saturday, August 30, 2008

28/29ish Week Belly Pic

For those of you who care, this was taken in our master bedroom, not outside. We have a little deck that is yet to be used because it is so stinkin hot here. We think someday, it will be a really nice place to sit.

My appointment on Monday and ultra sound showed everything to be on track and looking good. I had to take the boys with my so I didn't enjoy the ultrasound very much and also, the baby wasn't too into having his picture taken. She said his size looks great for a November 16 due date. The doctor was in and out because one of his patients was in labor so he was seeing me before he went to deliver her. So, not much face time, like seriously, 3 minutes.

I did get a tour scheduled for the hospital. A whole month before my due date!

I feel him move and kick a lot more, it makes me excited to meet this new little guy! I think we are going to have a list of names we like and then pick after we meet him. Hopefully, we'll be able to choose faster than Karoline! I am not feeling any more ready, his room is still in shambles, no car seat, no crib mattress. But at the same time, we have a bassinet, and I can get newborn diapers pretty easily. So, I guess after we get a car seat, maybe I'll chill out.

I am waiting for my nesting phase to set in. I have zero motivation to paint his room or get it ready and zero motivation to paint our entryway and hallway (which is our project for this weekend).

I am also quite sore from bowling last evening. It hurts to walk. I should have known since it doesn't feel all that great to walk on a normal day but I was determined.

Off, to finish taping and start painting trim!


  1. Kristy, you look so round and lovely! And I'm a little jealous of your shirt; I am having deep dissatisfaction with my maternity T-shirts these days.

  2. lookin' good!! we, too, had a labor day painting project planned. i got the tim has been stuck painting. :P hope you get it all done!

  3. I just had a great idea for a name for the baby....GUSTAV!

  4. You look wonderful! What a perfect belly.

    Love the top, too.


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