Monday, August 11, 2008

Do you ever feel...

like you should write something but aren't sure what to write?

I think it's called writers block.

So, today you get a summary of our time in our new city thus far.

A couple weeks ago, I felt like I didn't know where home was. I can't say that I feel at home yet, but I am getting there. I think it is partly because fall is coming (well, to some parts of the country, we'll see fall in about January). But with fall, it means school starts! So, school isn't starting for our little family quite yet. But, it means a schedule, not a week looming in front of me with only swimming lessons to take up some time. I am excited and nervous about our new schedule.

On Tuesdays, both boys are going to Mothers Day Out from 9 - 2. Those are the days that I plan to grocery shop, Target runs and my doctor appointments. On one hand, I wonder if it won't be enough time and on the other, I wonder what I am going to do to fill my time. In my short career as a mother, I have never had 5 hours every week with no children to do what I want or need to do. Quite frankly, I am nervous, excited and already feel a little guilty. And totally blessed. Mothers Day Out isn't in every part of the country, ya know!

Every other Wednesday, we'll go to MOPS! I didn't think we would get to do it, but we do. And, if I want to leave the kids in the childcare until 2 on that day, it costs me $4 per child. That is child care for $2 an hour per child! Can you believe it! Considering that I pay our 14 year old sitter (whom we love) $7 to $8 an hour!

Thursdays, we will go to Community Bible Study. The boys will go to child care while I go to Bible study. I am pretty excited to have an in depth study again.

This brings me to my new schedule. I have started to get up earlier than the boys in the morning! Shocking. I know. If you know me at all, you know I love to sleep and do not love getting up in the morning. We are trying something new. The boys get up to an alarm. It is set for 7:20am. My alarm is set for 6:15. I have time to eat breakfast with Drew, read my Bible and do a little study and maybe get a shower. I am thinking I should set it for 6 because that shower is going to start to become very valuable.

Here is why I like it: it gives me time to collect my thoughts and be by myself. If I get a shower, it takes away the morning tv watching. I actually get my Bible study done.

And these new activities excite me because it means meeting new people! And, hopefully, people who live close(r) to me. I have met some really nice women, but they live in the suburbs.

I am also slightly nervous about all this because I'm having a baby in November. Nothing like a newborn to mess with a schedule! Newborns make their own schedule, but I am hoping to fit him into ours. If that makes sense.

But that is a whole different post.

Throw in a little schooling, crafts, health club and swimming and I think our weeks will be quite busy. And quite exciting!

Thanks for reading, if you actually read the whole thing. I know it is boring to some, but I feel like we are getting things figured out!

Next up: Costco vs. Sams Club

Just kidding. I think.


  1. it's always great to finally feel at home in a new place, and to get a new routine down if you've been feeling like you needed one!


  2. read til you gave me the visual of my little sister in the shower then skimmed to the end. sometimes when I don't know what to write I don't write anything.


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