Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sage's Baby Names Ideas

1. Wall-E- from the movie

2. Toby Mac or Toby- the Christian singer

3. Lars- from the book Little Polar Bear

4. Boston- like the Red Sox

Boston is his number one choice. If either of us suggests anything else, he reminds us that Boston is the baby's name.

We have no idea what to name this baby, our third boy. We named Sage because we like the meaning, which is wise and we named Kolby after the little boy that I nannied for in college.

Both of our boys were named late in the game, like a week or so before delivery. I know we'll figure it out, I just don't know how. And with both the boys we were confident in other names before we really named them.

With Sage, he was going to be Ian for most of the pregnancy. Kolby was going to be Cael. Neither of those names have been suggested this pregnancy.

We are open to ideas. We would kind of like a different beginning letter than what we have and it can't be too normal.

By asking your ideas, I am trying to not buy a baby name book. I've heard of The Baby Name Wizard, I am just reluctant to buy another name book.

And, I realized this afternoon that I am beginning week 27, the start of my third trimester and we are so not prepared. At. All.

Our goal was/is to have our house all painted before the baby comes. That would also suggest that we need to decide on a color for his room and for the entry/hallway. But, I did find bedding for the crib and have an idea in mind for the queen bed that will be in his room too. Right now, his room is pink with a floral border.

And a car seat. And a crib mattress. And small cloth diapers. And some bottles, just in case. And some pacifiers, definitely.

So, if I go to 40 weeks, we have 13 left, but because with the boys I went to 38, I am guessing we have about 11 weeks.

Sounds doable. I hope the nesting instinct sets in fast and furious.


  1. I love those name suggestions. It reminds me of Britta at that age suggesting names for her little cousins--Spike and Zookeeper. I hope Sage has a better attitude than she did if you don't use his ideas! The girls suggested names for Tate too--Christine or Little Monster, but then Sammy really wanted him to be Nathan after a boy in a Christmas movie.

  2. Today Grace said we should name our new baby "Four". She is so helpful.

    So I got that Baby Name Wizard book from the library, which could be an option. No money spent! Nothing taking up your bookshelf space on a permanent basis! I had to request it from another branch but it only took a few days to get it. Since picking it up yesterday, I have spent a lot of time reading it and I have to say that I LOVE it. It is really different than other baby name books I've seen and has a great perspective on styles of names.

  3. If you look on MckMama's blog in past posts there is one from a couple of months ago where she asks for baby name suggestions. People left a lot of suggestions in the comments, and since she doesn't like super common names there might be some that you like. Just an idea.

  4. well i know this won't be much help but Ally is darn sure that our next boy will be "Dumpster" Drew is suggesting Superman or Spiderman.... I would be really happy if you use Dumpster so that I would have a reason to turn her down. Wait Dumpster is enough of a reason to turn down my 5 year old!

    I really like Cael...

  5. oh, you've picked some great names in the past, this baby's going to have a great one, too!


  6. Good luck with the names. You did good w/ the other ones, I'm sure you'll think of something perfect!

    See you soon!

  7. Hank suggested Sam's Club and Karget when I was pregnant with Haddie. Perhaps we frequented them a little too much :) And of course I'm the wrong person to ask about names. We could never pick just one that's why each of our kids have 3 and then a 4th they go by. We're weird :) Can't believe you have just 13 weeks or less.

  8. I had a student named Bostan last year. Based on that experience, please don't use it.

  9. Funny Cael was on the short list for both Ty and Gabe. Ian was on the list for Gabe too. We had an extremely hard time naming Ty. I really like Ty for the nickname but wasn't sure about Titus for the "real" name but now I love it. I think boys names are harder then girls, we had girls names figured out really quickly both times and boys we just weren't sure. Gabriel and Quinn were both on the list until Gabe was born and I told Carl he could pick which one bacause I couldn't decide. He's Gabriel Quintin(what a compromise) Sorry this turned into a book, what I was getting at is I'm sure you will find something that suits him just perfectly.

  10. I thought of you just as I was falling asleep last night and the name that came to mind was Trenton or Trent. I liked the way Sage, Kolby, Trenton sound together as a list, but maybe TrentoN SteffeN is too much NN.

    Just a thought. :o)

  11. I like "Boston." But how 'bout naming him after one of the Red Sox players--like Dustin, or Josh, or Big Papi?


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