Sunday, August 03, 2008


Today has been a wonderful day.
Sunday school.
Lunch at new friends house.
A little bit of rest.
Grocery shopping with no kids.
Friend from Yale and her new husband coming for dessert.
Drew helping to clean the house.
Computer time.
Lots of baby kicks and movements all day long!

Did you notice a new button on my sidebar? Praying for MckMama and Baby Stellan? I am. A lot. Every time my baby moves inside me, he reminds me to pray for Stellan. She reminds me to cherish everything about being pregnant, not just the great feelings of movements but my sore feet at the end of the day, my pulsing, aching vericose veins, already feeling like I am waddling, carrying this baby is a miracle and I am not promised another day.

From now on, I consider it pure joy to carry this baby. Every minute of every day. It's a great day to carry my sweet little boy.


  1. Saying a praise for you and lunch with new friends. Hope they'll become good ones. So excited to see you in a few weeks :)

  2. Oh, I just clicked over there and my heart and prayers go out. I cherish every little movement and hiccup, too. They are all miracles.


  3. gretchen from lifenutMon Aug 04, 01:43:00 PM

    I've been following her story for a few weeks now and my heart goes out to her and little Stellan.

    I wonder if my attitude would be one of surrender, joy, and praise if I were in her shoes? I am just starting to feel our new baby move and her situation isn't lost on me, either.

    Praying for a miracle for their dear family...

  4. Hi there Kristy! Congrats on baby #3! I'm pregnant with baby #2 right now, and still sick, yuck, I hate this part. Where you just feel fat and sick all the time. We have a blogspot too check it out, Hope to catch up soon! Jessie


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