Thursday, August 07, 2008

Friend of Wall-E

Alternately titled: My First Experience with a Cockroach

Now, anyone who lives in Texas knows that there are cockroaches, everyone has them and there is little you can do about them, except kill them upon site, which is what any good American would do.

Drew has dealt with all the cockroaches in our house. He gets up before me and takes care of any that have appeared overnight. They are usually on their back, kicking their legs trying to get flipped back over. I have killed my fair share of big, black ants and various other bugs but not a cockroach. The closest I had seen one thus far was out on our back deck while I was safely in my house. I can so handle that.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, mid morning, I saw a large cockroach scamper across my kitchen and into the dining area. I screeched as he tried to hide under the bag of cardboard and newspaper recycling stuff that I had sitting out to drop off.

Sage appropriately backed away. Kolby got down on all fours and said "Hi, hi" while waving.

I shooed Kolby back, I didn't need him scaring him and the cockroach scampering off and then grabbed my camera.

Drew has told me "the drill" for taking care of the cockroaches. Put a paper towel on top of it and then drop a heavy Architecture book on top.

I was so disgusted at the sight of the paper towel, I could do nothing but take a picture before throwing it away and washing my hands.

I'm sure I will repeat this scenario but the first time required documentation. And if anyone is wondering, no we never did find that little lizard that scampered back into our house and I don't really want to think about it. Or open any of the boxes that are stacked in the front closet.


  1. if you can't see them, they are not there ;-) that's my mantra anyway.

  2. Seems like your new climate has left you with all kinds of new and interesting livestock in your home. You've been very brave. I'm sure these things will seem less frightening after time.

  3. Oh dear, I may have given you trouble about the lizards, which I like and find endearing, but I hate hate HATE those big cockroaches. We get them here too; they seem especially drawn to our little study, which is the converted garage. I think it is somehow more open to the outside. Blech...

  4. Oh gross!!!

    I'm sorry!

    There were always cockroaches in our bathroom in the Philippines. They're harmless, I think, but so scary looking...especially to midwestern girls! You're so brave!

  5. Oh that is so gross. That makes me grateful for MN winters that kill big bugs like that. We get crickets in the fall, and although they are not as big or as gross, they hop AT me while I am trying to kill them. I usually scream a lot.

  6. That is so gross. I'm glad we don't have those where I live. You are one brave woman.

  7. i like how it was so disgusting, you couldn't NOT take a picture. too funny.

    agh! i'm so glad we don't have those around here much- but ANTS, we have those!


  8. hmmm...I'm thinking that visiting Texas will not be in any of my future trips! I hope the lizard never reappears!

  9. a old lady in floridaThu Aug 14, 11:53:00 PM

    You have the worst blog on the internet. I am sending the address in for the "site of shame" award for most useless words ever written. I am sure you will win it with nonsense like this.


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