Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lesson in Lying

Sage is a liar and a sinner. I knew that. But now I know that.

This morning, I've been working at my desk clipping coupons, going through a stack of papers. He was standing next to me talking to me. I had to go to the bathroom and said don't touch anything, it's really messy over here.

I came back. The scissors and coupons were scattered on the floor.

I questioned him if he touched my stuff. He shook his head and said "Bo did it."

I knew that Bo didn't do it, I could hear him right outside the bathroom door driving his car up and down the door. I knew he was lying.

I asked him again to tell me the truth. Did you do it? He said "Oh, I forgot, I did touch it."

I said "Come over by me and look me in the eyes. Did you lie to mommy or did you forget?"


"Sage, your sins will find you out, if you are lying to mommy, God knows and you need to ask him for forgiveness for lying."

As he walks back into the living room "God, sorry for lying to mommy." as he chuckles just a little.


  1. we have a little boy like that in our house too. :)


  2. You are in a bad process of tramitizing your child. But you will be happy doing it as you know you are so self rightious in your beliefs that it is OK to emotionally abuse a child. Shame on you, that is not christian. And in the next 20 years, do remember this and other incidents you caused are why you are isolated from your family members who remember your abuse.

  3. I think that you should change your settings on your blog so that you have to leave a name to post a comment. I think that you are doing a great job as a Christian raising your children! This sounds an awful lot like a nephew I have--constantly testing his boundaries and what exactly he can get away! Sometimes it's hard not to chuckle at their antics!

  4. Anonymous, first of all, have the guts to sign your name.

    Secondly, that's just fine if you don't subscribe to Kiki's parenting choices. I am more than confident that she wouldn't subscribe to yours. I am slightly amused that you think it's ok to shoot rubber bullets at someone who has done nothing to you. Makes me wonder if you've been traumatized yourself by someone and want to spread the hurt.

    Kiki, pay it no mind, and I also suggest making someone have a user name to comment.

    You've arrived! You have a troll!

    Also - remember, the way we parent is NOT popular. It is not popular to teach your children definite rights and wrongs. Society wants you to say, "Well, son, if it feels good for you, that's ok!"

    And that, as we all know, is a wonderful way to raise a selfish adult.

    We always question our parenting choices, and having a blog creates an atmosphere in which people can say mean things and not have to be accountable for them. Can you imagine someone coming up to you after seeing an interaction between you and your children in the grocery store and saying the same thing? Hardly.

    You know you're doing the right thing! I find your parenting stories refreshing. Helps me to know that I am on the right track as well!

    **shoving soap box under bed again**

  5. p.s. He's obviously not too traumatized if he's chuckling during his apology. Lucy does the SAME thing, or you see her eyeing whatever toy got her in trouble in the first place!

    My guess is that both of you are going to be laughing reading these stories 20 years down the line. PRICELESS!

  6. Your story sounds all-too-familiar to me, too. :) I also unfortunately don't have too worry about the boys getting into my stuff lately as much as the DOG--he's been chewing everything and getting food off of the counters. Hang in there! Keep fighting that spiritual battle for your child's heart!


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