Friday, August 08, 2008

Thoughts Flowing Through my Head

Does it really matter if Sage doesn't go to preschool at age 4?

A director of a preschool told me today that I would be doing him a disservice by not putting him in a school until age 5.

I disagree.

I found a preschool that is $290 a month and has a spot open. It is everyday from 9 am to noon.

I am nervous that with a baby due in November, taking him to preschool everyday would be quite overwhelming. Am I a wimp?

I think I can put Sage and Kolby in Mothers Day Out from 9 to 2 on Tuesdays, do MOPS on every other Wednesday and then Community Bible Study on Thursday mornings. And it would save us money.

Oh, and we would do some school at home too.

I need some more systems and organization for our daily routines.

I feel kind of silly for saying that.

In my mind, I can be super mom.

It makes me tired to think about it.

That is why I need a system or a schedule.

I don't like doing crafts with the boys. Am I bad mom for admitting that?

I end up doing the whole craft myself. Because they don't put enough glue or do it the way I think it should be done.

Control much?! I'm working on it. The sad thing is, I stink at crafts, they would probably do a better job.

I am scared to do school at home.

I feel inadequate. And like I don't have the patience.

Here's a picture of the boys wearing the craft they, I mean I, made at the library yesterday.

Here's how Kolby preferred to wear it.


  1. Oh, I definitely hear you on the control issue. Why doesn't everyone (Grace, Rob, the WHOLE WORLD) want to do things my way? My brilliant, wonderful way?

  2. Okay. One lesson I've learned as a mommy is know your kids better than "Mrs. XYZ" at preschool. You spend day in and day out with your kids. You know their nuances. You know when they need to rest, need a hug and need to poop. You know your kids.

    With that being said...NOT sending Sage to preschool @ 4 is up to you and Drew. You will know what decision to make.

    We aren't sending Aiden until he's almost fall. Do I think he'll be behind? No. Do I think he'll somehow be damaged by not creating some "marvelous" craft everyday w/o me? No.

    I do think we don't need to spend $150/month for an extra year just to make myself feel like he's somehow "getting ahead" by going to preschool @ 4. rant is over. Kristy, you know Sage probably better than anyone. Pray about it and follow God's direction. I bet "Mrs. XYZ" didn't ask Him what He thought. :)

  3. that's expensive preschool. We're putting Gavin in preschool just because we sent the other two and it's at our church. it's $160 a month for M-W-F 9-11:30. I was very nervous about the whole transportation issue because of the twins and all plus we live within a mile of the elementary so it's parents responsibility to bring the kids to and from school. Anyway... hubby is working from home now so that is a HUGE help.

    you know what's right for your son... it won't mess him up either way! :)


  4. When my boy was little and mostly at home with me, I found this book particularly helpful for getting myself out of the way when it came to art projects.

  5. Ugh. I get SO tired of the whole put your kid into preschool or he won't be ok thing.

    It's alot like, "We're in 7th grade and if you don't buy Keds, you're not cool."

    I HATE IT.

    Who decided that preschool is the best thing for our children? Obviously, the people making the money at the preschool, I guess.

    I am debating working at a parents' day out one day a week and sending the kids then, but even that is a hard thing for me to do...I Just feel like I Have SUCH a short amount of time with them when they are so little, you know?

    I hear you on the crafts! We are the same way over here!

    The pictures just made me laugh, laugh, LAUGH! :)

  6. There was a time when parents (like my parents) did not have to think about where, when or how kids attended school. We just went.

    I think I would have liked those days

  7. gretchen from lifenutTue Aug 12, 04:28:00 AM

    Chiming in very late, but preschool can be completely unnecessary.

    This is coming from a person who bought into the preschool myth with the first three kiddos. I had them all in preschool and Pre-K.

    With the next two kids? Zero preschooling, aside from what they learned at home. They learned plenty of those pre-K skills just going to the store with me, going to the zoo, having playdates, etc. And it was free.

    I doubt Beatrix (almost 2) will go to preschool. I don't have anything against it...I just don't think it is the critically important thing it is made out to be. As long as your son has the skills to help him get by in kindy, he'll be just fine.

    Childhood goes by soooo fast. They have a lifetime of sitting in classrooms and meetings and lectures ahead. Why rush it? That's what I have learned.


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