Thursday, August 28, 2008


Situation: Sage knocked Kolby down. (This happens 8,000 times a day) Kolby cries. (This happens 8 million times a day)

I say: Kolby, are you okay, did you get hurt?

Kolby, nodding and saying yeah, me asking where? Him reaching around to his butt and saying "Buuu."

I laughed out loud.

Situation: Boys playing in the living room, me working in kitchen.

I hear: "Kolby, say Dear Jesus." "De Jesus" (except you totally can't understand Jesus) "You are in heaven." Kolby babbles something. "I can't get to heaven without you." Kolby babbles something else. "Amen." "Men!"

Situation: Getting Sage ready for his nap.

I ask: "Is there anything you want to talk about, Sage?"

He says: "Well, I just didn't want to go to fireworks because everyone would eat all our cupcakes." (We took cupcakes to the place we watched fireworks from and shared them with a bunch of people, that was the intended plan.)

Situation: Kolby sitting on Drew's lap in the drivers seat of the van.

Kolby: "Vroooomm." flashing us a huge grin.

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  1. AWE! You're children sound so much like mine!


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