Monday, July 21, 2008

Why you should bolt the dresser to the wall

The other day, Friday to be exact, I was in my bathroom about to get dressed and I had sent Sage to his room to get a pair of socks. We needed to leave for VBS in about thirty minutes.

I hear a loud crash and then a pitiful "Mamma!"

I run to Sage's room and see the dresser laying on the floor and blonde hair peaking out the top.

"Sage!" I yell. "I'm here, I'm here. Oh, Lord help me lift this!"

I lift it up and as I shut the drawers, I ask "Were you climbing on the dresser?" He says no, he was looking in all the drawers to find his socks. Every. single. drawer. was open.

I sit down beside him, and see no visible markings. He is crying, we are both scared. My mind is racing, I need to put on clothes, should we go to the ER, I should call Drew, I'll put Kolby in the stroller to go in the ER so I can buckle him and keep him safe, I can't believe this happened.

He is complaining of his shoulder/arm hurting so I make him move them both in all directions. Then I see his eye. He has a cut diagonally under his eye and on his forheard.

He won't stop crying so I decide to give him Tylenol in case he has a headache. And then I break out the real medicine. Starburst. Finally, starburst calms him down. I get dressed and we rush to VBS. He told me he didn't want to go anymore because he got hurt.

We get there and he turns to me, smiles, waves and says "Bye!"

Later, I noticed his lip too.

Can you see the blue stuff on his bottom lip? It's not food. It appears to be a bruise or a blood blister.

And the shoulder he complained of? Friday night, I gave him a bath and he has a pretty big bruise on his shoulder along with small cuts. I felt so bad for him.

After I lifted the dresser off him, I couldn't move it back towards the wall. Drew tried moving it that night and couldn't do it either. It is amazing the strength God will give mothers when they need it! I got the things to bolt it to the wall, it was supposed to get done this weekend, but hopefully tonight.

The cuts will heal, the bruise will fade, but my memory will last. It was the scariest thing yet. I wonder how long it will be until our first ER trip?


  1. OH my! So glad he is okay! that would have freaked me out too. We've only been to the ER once... for a broken collar bone in the middle of the night from falling out of a bunkbed (we were out of town). :)


  2. Those instances are SCARY. Your adrenaline is enough to move a is our ER talley so far...

    - stitches in the head, age 2yrs. 8 mos.

    - stitches in the head again, age 3.5

    - visit to ER after he bit completely through his tongue, age 5

    - stitches in the chin, age 3

    - visit to ER after spiking a high fever age 2 weeks

    So, I've enrolled for my buy 5 visits get one free punch card...Hope you don't have the same "boy luck :)"


  3. I'm sure it was hard to share that story with all of us, but it's a good wake-up call that it really can happen to my child! We have quite the ER tally as well:

    -high fever, slow respiration - 1 month
    -stitches in eyebrow - 9 months
    -4 visits for croup
    -stitches in forehead - 2 yrs

    She is the "dive in headfirst" type of kid!

  4. Thankful he is okay! I am also waiting for our first ER visit. I am shocked we haven't been since Drew thinks nothing of jumping off of anything!

  5. No ER visits for us yet either but only because the Dr.'s office was still open when Gabe went running head first into a toy basket and caught himself right under his eye. Gabe himself a mild concussion so I understand what you mean about scary days. Glad Sage is okay!

  6. So thankful that he wasn't hurt.
    It must have been so scary.

  7. thank you for posting this warning! we have talked about "yeah, we should probably bolt that bookcase to the wall," but haven't actually done anything about it yet. this is a good reminder to be proactive...and hopefully prevent a few ER visits along the way??? i hope. we, too, are thankful sage is okay.

  8. Praising God for miraculous mommy strength and a well placed fall for Sage. What did the ladies at VBS say?


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