Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Growing Pains

Have you heard all the hype about BPA leaching from bottles, pacifiers and such into our children?

I decided to try to curb Kolby's love for his MAM passy which apparently is full of BPA by buying Gerber Nuk classics which I was pretty sure weren't BPA infected.

Here is the result:

This was a couple months ago before we moved.

Last weekend we visited some friends in Austin. I took one passy. I knew I only took one and I just decided I would be careful. Well, the second night, I couldn't find it in our room anywhere. I know it is there somewhere because he used it for his nap that afternoon. He hadn't taken a nap or gone to bed without a passy in about 2 years and 3.5 months, yes, basically his whole life. We told him we couldn't find his passy and he would just have to sleep without it. I anticipated a hard time falling asleep and possibly lots of waking up in the night.

Nothing. Not one cry.

When we got home, I not so secretively stashed the passies laying around in a drawer and decided to see what happened.

Again, nothing. He never asked for one or cried for one or woke up wanting one. It made me kind of sad.

One night, I noticed his green blankie laying on the floor and said to Drew "Didn't you give him his blankie?!" (the other comfort item he hasn't slept without) Drew said "Nope." I ran it into his room where he was fast asleep. Without his blankie. I tucked it in right next to him.

Mommy's not ready for him to give up his blankie. I mourn the loss of the passy but the blankie I will push until he goes to over night camp.

And then I'll secretly pack it in his suitcase.


  1. Jason took Drew's "binky" away while I was gone one night. I was sooooo mad - to me that was the last thing that I could cling to making him my baby. We still have given up his blankie - "buggy" though. I will also wait til overnight camp and sneak it into his suitcase!

  2. Wow, little Kolby must be growing up!

    Keep up w/ the blogging -- I check yours every day! =)

  3. Hope it goes that easy for Haddie! I too love your blog. You are so wonderful at sharing your mommy heart.

  4. My younger brother was really attached to his pacifier and way overdue to give it up when he was little. He just wouldn't do it--until the dog ate his last one! "Look what Stars [our dog] did" showing Mom the chewed up pacifier. "Well, she said, that was your last one." No tears, no trouble, no more pacifier!


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