Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Story of the Queen and the Gas Station

There once was a queen, we'll call her Kristy, who desperately needed to fill her van with gas. She was so busy driving Sage to and from Vacation Bible School that she kept forgetting. It was many, many miles after the little ding had donged to remind her to get gas.

Conveniently, there is a gas station right across the street from Kristy's house. Gas is always higher there but it seemed to make sense to get it on the way instead of driving out of the way to get it.

She quickly pulled in to the empty pump and reached for her wallet to pay at the pump. Magic fairies (gas station attendants) came out and were all ready to fill the gas tank for her. She had pulled in to the full service side (who knew those still existed?). Well, since Kristy is pregnant, she decided she would treat herself to full service gas and not stand out in the hot, Houston heat to pump her gas. The magic fairies swiped her card and she sat quite comfortably inside the van while they checked the air in the tires and Kristy thought "Oh and I'm saving my husband some time, he mentioned that needed to be done!" and then while they washed her windows and checked the fluid levels in the van.

When the gas was finished, Kristy dutifully filled out the notebook that is kept in the van to keep track of mileage. She wrote 17 gallons of gas at $4.02. She looked at her receipt and thought "Wow! $85 for gas! That is the most I have paid yet!"

Kristy drove happily home.

That night, she mentioned to her husband how expensive gas was today. "17 gallons for $85, it was $4 a gallon!" Her sweet husband looked at her questioningly and asked her to repeat what she said. She responded "I know, I could hardly believe it either." She had told him about the full service she treated herself to by mistake and then told him how now he wouldn't have to check the air in the tires because that nice man stood out in the 100 degree weather and did it. He said "Babe, you paid $5 a gallon for gas!"

Kristy rushed to get her pocketbook and check the receipt. Sure enough, $5.02 had been charged. Her husband, anxious to right this wrong charge called the station immediately, "Yes, how much do you add on for full service? A dollar, okay thank you."

Kristy profusely started apologizing. That sweet husband, just chuckled and said don't do it again and then of course asked if she would write it up for the blog.


  1. ohhh you have a sweet husband - we just need a picture!

  2. what a good giggle :) of course it is blog worthy

  3. WOW- those jerks charge by the gallon more for full service?? as if. no wonder they jumped right out!! i mean, they didn't need to get paid THAT much for the extra services!! too funny!


  4. you crack me up, queen kristy.
    have you been keeping up with mckmama? wow and wow and wow.


  5. Sounds like Drew just volunteered for gas duty. I hope you will blog about that.

  6. HA!

    Hey, I will get that paint name for you - I think it is "Grey Caboose" by behr? Everyone who walks into the kitchen loves it - I think it's a sure bet!

  7. Oh my...that's crazy! At least they checked your tires :)

  8. Oh my! The one here is $.10 more per gallon for them to pump but they don't do anything else.


  9. What a crock! A dollar more PER GALLON? You totally deserved, being pregnant in a heat wave, but MAN.

  10. WOW! I always thought they'd charge a flat fee for pumping your gas. That's crazy! But, good for you, it's always fun to be Queen even if it's just for one day.

  11. In Houston, I stopped @ Mr Car Wash and got "full service" (well, they pumped my gas for me) for no extra charge. Then I felt weird about it so I gave them $7 and got the basic car wash.

    I'm a little late on the POWS!!


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