Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Leisure Time

I am curious, how much time do you stay at home moms or work at home moms get away from the kids? Let's put it in hours per week, kay?

On average, I probably get an hour or two away from the kids per week. And those times would include grocery shopping without kids, not just time for me to go do something.

This past weekend, it had been too long. I needed time away, bad! Even Drew told me I needed to get away. He might have had selfish reasons because I wasn't very fun to be around, for him. I might have been a tad bit grouchy. And when I say tad bit, I really mean, pretty grouchy, daggers thrown his direction every time he spoke.

Sunday afternoon, I said I am leaving, don't call me unless one of the boys is bleeding or puking. As I walked out the door, he asked Sage if he had any scabs he could pick, ha ha.

Since I don't really know anyone yet and this was a bit last minute, I went to the mall by myself. As I circled the parking lot looking for a spot, I realized this might not have been the best choice. The mall is very annoyingly crowded on the weekends and I generally try to avoid it. But then I decided that I don't have kids with me, so I will take it as a people watching time and take my time. I only had a couple of goals. 1) New foundation since mine was a bit too light. 2) A new undergarment. 3) Get my eyebrows threaded. I had 4 hours until the mall closed, certainly, I will be home in about two.

First stop, Sephora. A lady? girl? woman? what do you call a woman in her mid-twenties? Anyway, I told her I wanted a light coverage foundation. She put something on me, I told her it felt wet and like I needed to wipe it off. She put the finishing powder on me. I told her I looked like my face was blank and I didn't like it. I like my face to look natural, I actually like my face. I had originally told her I didn't want Bare Minerals but I was wrong. I bought the shade darker than what I had at home, so now I own light and fairly light. Yes, I am pale, thank you. I also ended up buying blush (I had been using some free stuff that I didn't really like), some eyeshadow, lip gloss and lip liner. I tell you all this because it is a big deal to me. I do not normally go out and buy make up for myself with colors and techniques learned how to apply from a professional. I buy one piece at a time, usually the cheapest and then I just copy what I like on others. It isn't the best way to buy make up because I end up with stuff that doesn't look good on me, but on my friend.

Second stop, Starbucks for a java chip frapaccino. The line was long, I was scouring for a comfy seat. As I walked away form placing my order, I saw a comfy chair open. I raced over and sank down. Apparently, I took an old woman's seat. I am not sure how it went down, but she was standing several feet away adding something to her iced coffee and she scowled at me. When she was done, she came over and said to the lady in the comfy chair next to me, "Sorry, I made you move, I guess someone took it anyway." Glared at me again and went and sat in a wooden chair. I wasn't sure what to do so I just kept sitting. And then consoled myself that hey, I'm pregnant, I deserve a comfy chair! And left my purse sitting on the seat while I picked up my drink so no one stole the comfy chair from me!

Third stop, to get my eyebrows threaded. Now, I have never done this before. I have had my eyebrows waxed in a salon a couple times, but honestly, I have been doing it at home and I don't do it often enough. I had seen this booth in the mall and it tweaked my interest. It said it doesn't hurt as badly as waxing and the hair grows back finer. And, eyebrows, $10. I had to wait while she did another customer, whom I noticed wiping tears from her eyes. I told myself to be brave. I found the picture from the chart that I would show her what I wanted mine to look like. She sat me down and just started threading. And she literally used thread. White thread that she paid maybe .88 cents for from Wal-Mart. She tied a knot in it and I don't know, wrapped the thread around the hair or something and started pulling. I felt my eyebrows dropping on to my face. She didn't ask about a shape but I wasn't worried. Then she told me to hold above my eyebrow and pull it up while pulling below my eyebrow down. (It's interactive) She asked if it was my first time and I chuckled and said how could you tell. I thought it was rhetorical since she just had to tell me twice how to hold my face for her, but apparently, it wasn't since she answered because you don't know how to hold your face. It did hurt a little and I was wiping tears from my eyes too since they watered. And, it really was only $10 for both eyebrows, I had myself convinced it was going to be $10 per eyebrow.

It turned out great! I am so glad that I got it done and feel like a whole new woman. Between getting my eyebrows threaded and new make up, I felt really good. I still have eyebrows, but they are brows with a shape. I look like a girl. Even Drew is shocked by how much it changed the way I look. And he really likes it. I believe his comment later that night was something about how bushy my eyebrows were in our wedding picture. He kids. But seriously, a vast improvement.

Now, if I could just get someone to buy me a new wardrobe...

This is too long, the last stop was Dillards so I could get some new undergarments (a strapless bra, if you must know) and that is all you get to know about that.

The day was quite a success, I was at the mall from 2 - 6:30. Yes, the mall closes at 6 but the Target that anchors it stays open until 9 on Sundays.

I need to do this more often as I am a better mommy this week for it and a better wife. Next time, it would be fun to do something with a friend!


  1. Wow, what a fun outing. :) As the owner of two very unruly, very dark eyebrows, I am always interested in anything related to eyebrow grooming. I saw one of those threading kiosks at the mall the other day and was curious; perhaps I shall have to indulge.

    As far as how much time away I have, you mean actual time while the child/children are awake? My latest time away was the 3 hours I spent this morning at the DMV getting my new driving license while Rob was home from work. Um, not so fun.

  2. I am definitely going to need to see a picture of these new eyebrows.

    I would go to the mall with you (you are one of the few people I like)...

  3. what an awesome day! i would have certainly enjoyed coming along- every stop! i get out for about 2-4 hours a week alone...i'd take more if i could :) not too much, but a little more... ha!


  4. i also vote for a 'brow picture. tim laughs at my highschool senior picture b/c of my bushy eyebrows. never heard of threading before...i'm intrigued. i meet joanna & jessie for coffee once a month; that's about 2 hours out of the house. and right now i'm in a bible study 1x/week for another 2 hours. other than that? not much else...

  5. Does work count? Because that gets me about 18 hours per week. But I am going to MN tomorrow (just for the day) with some friends--and I already feel a little guilty. :)

  6. sounds delightful! Glad you had some time to yourself.


  7. We all need days like that sometimes :)

    How are you doing? Shoot me an email.

  8. You've convinced me to get my eyebrows waxed. :)

    I usually average 2 hours away. Lately, I've been thinking I'd like to make it 4.

  9. I love your blog..I'm a friend of the Criddle girls & live about 30mins from Katie in AZ. I know how you feel about the not knowing many people...I got on a website called meetup.com. I have met the most wonderful friends in the last 3 weeks. You can pick any kind of group you want...from Christian Moms to couples activities! It has help my grouchiness ALOT!! good luck!! :-)

  10. Are you serious??? Threading your eyebrows?? Yikes!

  11. Not sure if getting up at 5am to run while everyone is sleeping counts but since it is my only regular time away it will have to do...that makes it about 6-8 hours per week. If not, then I would say maybe 2-3 hours/month if I'm lucky. I'm envious of all these other moms who get "me" time regularly.


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