Monday, July 28, 2008


I found a blog. Named My Charming Kids. I was intrigued by her cute kids, the fact that there were a lot of similarities in us, as I read her About Me and the fact that we are both due around the same time. She has a pretty strong gut feeling that she is having her third boy. Another similarity. Although, she has two boys and a girl already.

Her baby has almost complete heart block. The atria is not getting the message to the ventricles to pump the blood to his body.

Read her blog here

She is a Christian and trusts God completely but she is asking for prayer. Prayer that she and her husband would cling to Jesus. Prayers for the doctors for wisdom, prayers that the baby's ventricles will start beating on their own.

Lord, I lift up the MckFamily. I pray that mama and dada will cling to you, will look to you for comfort and guidance. Thank you that they trust you, Lord. Thank you that you are forming MckMuffin, Lord, I pray for his little heart, I pray that the ventricles will pump blood to his little body. I pray for the doctors. I pray that you will guide them, give them wisdom. I pray that all glory, honor and praise will go to you. Lord, my heart hurts for them, my head doesn't understand but I know you hold us all in your hands. Thank you that we can trust you to take care of us.


  1. That's funny that you found this blog. She's actually a good friend of my good friend Amanda (do you remember Amanda - we went to her house one day last summer).

    Anyway, just thought I'd mention it! I'm sure she appreciates your prayers.


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