Monday, July 07, 2008

I Thought I Knew

First, the feet are perfect. I even have a picture!

From the beginning, I kept thinking boy.

As the days drew closer to the ultra sound, I changed my mind and decided girl. I even bought two shirts at the Gap outlet with the thought that if I'm wrong, they'll make a great gift. I started decorating her room/guest room. Floral, light pink, shabby chic. The girliest room in our house.

But, now it is back to the drawing board for me. A third boy!

We're so excited. My "dream" family has always been 3 boys and a girl, so maybe my dream will come true!


  1. Yay for another boy and perfect feet! Exciting news congrats!

  2. There are not many times I like to lose the bet...but this one is A-OK. 3 to 1 is good:) So happy for your dreams coming true...

  3. Oh, that is so exciting! It is so fun to picture a new little boy being added to your household and running around with 2 big brothers. And that is great news that his little feet look good!

  4. Another boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm so happy about those perfect feet!

  5. Well, welcome to the club! So happy for you that his feet are perfect! Can't wait to hear your stories when you have three boys :)

  6. I'm picturing those perfect sweet feet! What a much loved and blessed baby he will be!


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