Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Must Read


I pray my heart can be as sensitive to the Spirit's voice. I pray my faith, my love will deepen. I pray that your heart will be open.


  1. Oh! I read this today, too: Blink. It was amazing, huh?

    SO great that you found my blog (do you remember what path you took that led you to me??) and crazy cool that we do have SO much in common!!!

    I covet your prayers for my little MckMuffin. Thank you SO much for delurking...only one day after joining the party at my blog. Welcome!!

  2. Don;t you just love her blog...I am so inspired after reading her posts, and usually crying!

  3. I haven't read her blog for awhile. Thanks for pointing me back to is. What incredible words for anyone but especially us mamas :)

  4. what an incredible perspective she has! I was so encouraged by reading her post.


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