Monday, July 28, 2008

Home is Where the Heart is

(Our family in front of our old house in our old city, right before we moved)

That saying makes sense to me until I move. Then it is so confusing to me. I want to go home but can't figure out where home would be. And if I don't know where home is, where is my heart? And when I think about someplace being my home, what makes it my home?

Familiar people, landmarks, restaurants, church.

We've lived here 6 weeks now so I see familiar landmarks. The hospital that is a mile from our house with the "ugly hat" on it, the mall (grin), grocery stores, buildings are always in the same spot so they quickly become familiar.

There are some familiar people that I see around church and in our neighborhood. But I have realized that I am probably not familiar to them. I am hyper aware of people around me because I am constantly looking at people and wondering if they would be my friend or what they are like, stories about these people go through my mind all day.

We have made ourselves familiar with some restaurants. Chick-fil-A and Sams Deli being our family favorites.

Our church is becoming more familiar. Although, we aren't entirely positive it is the church for us. There isn't anything wrong with it, it's just big.

The familiar aspects are here, mostly, but it still doesn't feel like home. What will make it feel like home?


And that, is the hardest part. It just takes time to make this feel like home and make me want to make my home and heart here.

I can't will time to move faster so I feel at home and know where my heart is. I can't make time slow down so I will enjoy every new day that I live here.

Some days feel good, it starts to feel like home. And some days are hard and leave me wondering where home is and what it would look like in a different city. Admittedly, I have more hard days than good days lately but in time, that will change. I will have more good days when I know this is home and I will embrace life here, the lizards, the cockroaches, the many spiders and bugs that I kill on a daily basis, the incredibly beautiful days, the hot weather, the driving everywhere, not having family close, finding a babysitter for every little thing, and the variety and plethora of shopping.

It isn't easy moving to a new city, away from family and friends but there are rewards too. I'm just not sure I can pinpoint those quite yet.


  1. lovely post, thank you.

    i know moving isn't that easy, we moved four times in my life, all over a hundred miles away from the old home, and i'm just 15. it sure isn't easy.
    i hope you get used to your new environment and find it a place worthy to let your heart stay in!

  2. ahhh I have been here 2 years and don't quite feel "at home." I miss where we raised our kids or at least brought them home to the first time. Time Time Time. I wish it were easier for everyone - why can't we be more friendly to people going through this? I'm scared to finally get settled and feel like home and then to move again.

  3. I know that has to be hard, but you're right- over time it gets better!


  4. Hey lady! I just read about your move! How are you liking it??

  5. I can so relate to this - We have moved three times since being married and this last one was the most challenging - It really does take time... I struggled at first to really see anything without comparing it to where we had moved from, but over time this has become home - Although we just moved across town, this area really does feel like home now.

    Hey, thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway - It has been fun checking out your blog!

  6. We moved two months ago and I had my first overwhelming rush of "I want to go home (to our old house)" just last week! I think I've been running on adrenaline, and now the finality of it all is really hitting me. I'll be waiting for those rewards right along with you =) Hang in there!



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