Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anyone wanna buy a house? *Update

That, my friends is a lizard. A lizard in my house. My house. Did I mention it was in my house?! I kind of want to move. Anyone know of a house in Texas that doesn't have lizards that come in?

We live in a beautiful neighborhood with loads of trees, green and luscious it even has a pond! But, I have found some drawbacks. Mosquitoes being at the top. And bugs coming in a close second. I think a lizard in my house just might put me over the top. Can you tell how tiny it was? I was standing on a chair.

I think I may have seen it upstairs first. Is that possible? I had taken a shower and come out of the bathroom into our dark bedroom. And saw what I thought was a bug. I yelled for Drew not caring that the boys could hear me (they were in bed). Kolby even started yelling "Dew, Dew!" It moved so fast but I dared to take my eye off it so I could yell down the stairs. By the time Drew came up, it was no where to be found. Out of sight, out of mind. Fast forward a couple of hours. Drew and I are getting ready to go to bed, I don't even remember what I was doing, putting dishes away and Drew was shutting the blinds. All of the sudden, I saw movement. Fast, quick movement. We spotted Lizzie's baby (scroll down to June 30 to meet Lizzie). And I was trying not to think about her having babies!

What do we do?! Call an exterminator?

Here is Drew ushering the little guy safely out of our house. I have to confess for Drew that he might have been a little scared of the little guy too. I'm sure he won't mind me telling you that! However, he got over it much quicker than I did as he escorted him out and I stayed on the chair!

***Update: He came back tonight. He slithered in as I slithered out to get the stroller to go on our bike/walk. Drew saw him come in and he slithered right into our front closet which happens to have quite a few boxes still. No more sightings yet. Julia's comment helps a little but I still don't love the idea of little lizards in my house!


  1. So this may not be what you want to hear, but those little lizards are really good little creatures. They eat bugs so it is great to have them near your house. They don't bite or spread disease or leave slime trails or anything-- very harmless and beneficial little guys. Your mosquitoes and bugs would be worse if you didn't have lizards. I don't think an exterminator is going to be able to do anything for them. We have them here too but they don't get in the house too often. When they do, we do try to put them outside because the dry air conditioning is bad for them and there aren't bugs to eat. I guess it's just part of living in a hot climate? They are really not something to freak out about like ants or cockroaches or anything. What would be an analogy from the Midwest? Ladybugs? Praying Mantises? Rolly pollies? Lizards are our friends!

  2. that might have made me jump too... just not something you expect to see in your house. Ahh!


  3. That is not Lizzies baby. Sooooo you have more than one family of lizards around your house. Lizzie appears to be a prairie skink, while your more recent lizard (lets call him Jed) is a texas banded gecko. Let the boys play with em and quit being such a woos!
    Love ya

  4. Kristy--
    I like Brad's comment---sounds like an older brother talking to me. :) My suggestion would be to wear shoes while your in the house---that way you could always squish him if you had to! (Of course this would only be out of panic or desperation or sheer necessity because I would hardly advocate for the squishing of tiny lizards.) Good luck with the lizards!


  5. When visiting the fam in texas i still fear waterbugs(very large roaches) coming up thru the drain when i shower. AND i'm not even going to mention what I found while vacationing in Frio Country (south of San Antonio)last summer. wow. i didn't bring much comfort from this comment. Geckos will learn to be your friend! Enjoy the great state while you're there! I miss it! Kati M.

  6. i'm surprised drew caught it...they are pretty fast!

    i can only imagine how freaked out you were at our house the first time you came over..with our little ants in our water and then the "spider lettuce" that drew enjoyed. i'm surprised you still talk to me.

    thanks for hanging out and laughing with me today...2 hours at CFA...might be another personal CFA record we gained this week. 4 visits in 5 days...addicted for sure! not too sure if i'm addicted to the food or the fact they the kids play and i relax...the later of course!

  7. At least now the boys have pets that you don't need to feed.

    Jim KLC

  8. EEEK! I hate those things. There were geckos everywhere in the Philippines-- bright green and orange ones.

    They really creep me out! Sorry they were in your house! At least...they can't hurt you. Well, at least I don't think they can! =)


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