Monday, June 25, 2007

Trip to the Zoo in Pics




Buzz the Polar Bear doing tricks for lard!

Waiting for the seal show. At least we had snacks!

We waited 15 minutes in the burning sun for a 7 minute seal show that was less than impressive.

Uncle Achoo (Matthew) and Sage in the mist zone.

Sage is "driving"! He wasn't very good, I guess my no Power Wheels rule didn't pay off for him!

The last ride. He did much better "driving" this car er boat!


  1. Sage and Bo make my ovaries hurt. Oh my gosh they are so precious kiki! it was so great talking to you the other day!!!!!!! I'm glad you guys got to get out. Does Drew and his brother look alike or WHAT? I was still expecting a high school kid, but I guess you guys DID get married 5 years ago!?

  2. p.s. makes me sad that your kid is nearly THREE and i haven't seen him since he was 7 months!

  3. Wow you got to see the animals so much more closely than when we went to the STL zoo a couple wks ago! I am glad you said that was Uncle Matthew because I thought it was Drew until I read the caption!


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