Monday, June 18, 2007

I've Been Meaning to Update

Kolby. Remember when I asked for prayer and faith that Kolby would walk by the end of May? I wanted Janelle, our physical therapist to see Kolby take a few steps.

Well, he hasn't walked yet. God answered my prayer with "Wait." I don't always understand why he tells me to wait but I am still waiting.

Kolby is cruising along everything. He pulls himself up to everything and will walk along it, around it and over it. I got him a walker and he does great with it, even turning corners! He hasn't figured out how to back it up. It comes down to the balance. He won't do it by himself. I try to let go of his hands so he can practice and if I do it more than twice in a row, he sits down. I don't think he is scared he just doesn't have the confidence. He has the strength, he just won't use it.

In other Kolby news, he fell down the stairs yesterday and it was totally my fault. I wasn't close enough to him. I was watching him go down the stairs and then he started rolling. down. the. stairs. I felt awful. And he didn't stop crying until I gave him some milk. I wished I still nursed him so I could comfort him.


  1. those stupid stairs - we have been lucky with only a couple tumbles on the last few. Drew tried to push Ally down last week. :(

    He will probably take his first steps when you aren't watching because he still wants to be momma's boy!

  2. Aww . . . Kristen. Poor babes. He is alright though, yeah? I bet it hurt you more than him. Praise God he's just fine.
    How are you? Well I hope? I've emailed you.

  3. I believe it is spelled Kristin.


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