Thursday, June 28, 2007

I never win.

I didn't win the sling. That is all.

Today, the boys and I drove to my home town! We are going to stay with my best friend for a couple nights, then stay with my parents and then go see my brother and family! It should be a nice change of scenery for us! The only plans we have are to hang out. I am secretly hoping we can hit a pool sometime. And by hit, I mean go to.

Kolby and Sage are taking naps at my parents house and I heard Kolby cry out so I went to check on him. I peeked in and he couldn't see me. He was fussing but still laying down. I watched him find his passy, put it in upside down, find his green, silky, soft blankie and rub it to his cheek and roll over. It was so sweet. I wanted to go in and swoop him up, but then it would have defeated the whole self-soothing thing he was in the middle of. It is moments like that, I want a video of in my head for all times.


  1. I bet it feels great to be in the promise land. Give me a call if you have time!

  2. Well, so sorry you didn't win but did you see another Solarveil giveaway from a friend of mine at The Whole Family? Enter her giveaway!! And I will be giving away a Moby Wrap this weekend if you're into that, too!



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