Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I want that sling!

So, I have been reading Steph at Adventures in Babywearing for quite some time. I have linked to her more than a couple times siting great contests that she has. And she has done it again! This time a ring sling made from Solerveil, a fabric that blocks UVA and UVB rays while keeping you cool at the same time.

And I need it! Need, people. Let me explain. We have had swimming lessons this week. Sage and Kolby are both in the parent help class. But! Kolby's was cancelled so he joined Sage who worked with his teacher, Katie and I worked with Kolby. Kolby hasn't loved swimming lessons. Let's just say that it is an improvement that Kolby isn't crying...as much during the "lesson". By lesson for Kolby I mean, I hold him and twirl him around and give him 8 million kisses and hugs to reassure him and try to keep a smile on my face while he cries. I try splashing (but not his face, or he will cry harder), I try helping him do the back float. All this to say that I want to take the boys to the pool or lake around here, but how?! This sling would be the answer to my problems. Why not just buy it? Because I just bought a sling and lets just say that Drew wasn't totally excited about it! (Hi babe!) But it is totally gorgeous and I so need it! Remember, Kolby doesn't walk yet? I need it just to help me in and out of places like Target, pretty much anywhere we go, I am going to start sporting Kolby in that sling.

So, click here to enter the contest. And check out KimzKreations to see the woman who makes these slings! Did I mention that you get to pick the color of the fabric and slings? And if you would like to donate to my sling fund, please email me! That last part was a joke, by the way, unless it is you, mom, then it's not a joke.


  1. mmmmmm - some woman came to my house (under the strangest circumstances) wearing the COOLEST sling. I wish I had one that worked when I had Faith. Lord, the damage I did carrying her and doing everything since it was just me. Did you know I actually have scoliosis now.. because of her?? LOL!!! WTF?

    K - slings are important for spine health. Use it a lot!

  2. I feel like I should respond but all I can do is LOL!
    Love ya as ever, MOM XOXOXOX

  3. You are a baby-wearing addict! :) I have never wanted more than my Baby Bjorn. It's diaper bags/purses that I am addicted to.

  4. Thanks for entering and I think that every babywearer is an addict! There are just so many uses for every type of sling!


  5. Unfortunately, Rach, I am addicted to those as well!


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