Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Boredom

I might sound like I am complaining a bit, I just need some suggestions!

I'm bored. I think Sage is too and it is only the middle of June. We are taking swimming lessons this week and next. We went outside to play this afternoon and there weren't any neighbor kids out and Sage wanted to go in after 15 minutes. I offered to go to a park. And he declined. I offered the big park. No takers.

My other quandary? Kolby. He is hard to take places. 15 months, 26 pounds, not walking. Not loving his stroller as his big brother runs around. Did I mention 26 pounds? He crawls around on the street staining his knees, shorts, ripping some shorts and scraping knees. He likes to push the cozy coupe or big wheel around, but it doesn't last long.

And swimming lessons? Kolby is not a fan. On day 3, he has gotten better, but I can't imagine taking him and Sage swimming anywhere by myself. Sage can't be trusted because he can't swim by himself but isn't scared. Kolby has a firm grasp on me at all times. By firm grasp, I mean, legs and arms wrapped around me with his cheek smooshed next to mine or into my chest. Although, today, I was zooming him around and he wasn't holding on, at the end of the 30 minute lesson.

So, any ideas?!

I leave you with pictures!

Sage running through our crazy sprinkler! The novelty lasts about 10 minutes!

Me and my Bo.


Learning to walk or ride?

What I do most of the day, inside, outside, on the street, on the grass, on carpet, behind a car.

We went to the zoo this weekend and this is how Kolby enjoyed the views! More pics and a special zoo post to come!


  1. I wish I had some good ideas for you. I'll be watching to see what others suggest.

    Krista L.

  2. What's the chances that a church in the area has VBS for preschoolers that Sage can go to when he is 3 later next month? Children's museum? McD's playland? washable fingerpaint? scissors? (Drew isn't good, but loves to practice) Stickers? Playdough? Strawberry patch? During nap time for Drew, Ally has been reading stories on my computer and practice using my mouse - she asks EVERYDAY for the fun - but yells quickly when she gets stuck and doesn't know what to "click"! But she is 4.5 yrs...

    I think that kids LOVE mess making things that I have to clean-up.

    Are you going to the Family Retreat weekend again?

    Sprinkler is really cool that you have! How does it do for watering the lawn???

  3. Hey Chica, I've lot track - where are you living now? I'm finally in blog world again and was encouraged that you're still doing the same!

    Boy, ideas for the boys?? I could sure use some too! I was at a garage sale yesterday and got Jason one of those electronic putter things that you putt into and it spits the golf ball out. You'd have thought I hit the jackpot with Caleb, he LOVES it! I'm hoping it will keep him busy for a little while today too. Maybe Jason will get a chance to use it one of these days! :)

    Mom got Caleb a water activity table for his birthday and that's been a hit. It's so hard, though, I'm sure to find things for both boys to do. I'll be in that predicament very shortly. Meanwhile, I'm having a heck of time figuring out what to do with Caleb to keep his attention. I'll be praying for you!

  4. Chunk, I have an idea... come visit the Criddle girls in Iowa.
    PS Your arms look really hot in one of those pictures.

  5. Thanks for the photos! You look great:) Miss you lots.....

  6. Aw, too bad you don't live close by.

    This is what we've been doing day in and day out- in the morning I fill up our teeny tiny kiddie pools in the backyard. Then the boys splash around in them and play with toys in the water. I put our cars out of the garage so they can run around in there in the shade and lately they've been playing ball in there, writing with sidewalk chalk (love this!) and putting on shows (they love all the open space of the garage!) They also love to fill up their little watering cans and water all my plants & flowers and anything else along the way.

    I usually sit in a chair and observe, do some knitting while I listen to them talk & play, etc. Fun times!



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