Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Evening Musings In Bullets

  • Drew is playing his guitar and I'm blogging, in bed. Actually, we are sitting on our bed, kind of fun.
  • Funny that we've had Levi 6 months and we still talk about names. Tonight, we both liked Barrett. It was on the list and got taken off, although I can't remember why now.
  • I am in love with this skirt. Love, love, love it.
  • We got pictures from Levi's dedication. I need Drew to scan them. Miss Erin from church took them. We didn't take one photo. I have a reason why. We had been told that there would be child care for Sage and Kolby during the service. When we got there, Drew went to take them and there wasn't. We didn't have any family at the service nor had we invited anyone. (we didn't feel like we knew anyone well enough, probably stupid on our part). So, we were in a quandary. It ended up that they did find a worker to watch any kids that needed watched but in the end, we were the only ones to take them up on it. Everyone else had family. So, after the dedication, we were so intent on getting Sage and Kolby picked up that we didn't make an effort to stick around and have someone snap some pictures for us on our camera. I'm still sad about it. But, we do have pictures and Levi has a letter to open from Pastor Gregg when he decides to follow Jesus. It makes me tear up just thinking about that.
  • I got the boys scooters at a garage sale for $7! Sage has thanked me 4 times.
  • I miss our family tonight. I wanted to have some super familiar people over for popcorn, cheese, crackers and Freezies. Even though our house was a bit messy and it wasn't fancy. Sometimes, you just need/crave the comfortableness of family.
  • I'm really excited for the Bible Study I'm going to do this summer.
  • Tomorrow is one year ago that we pulled into Houston from our 4 day cross country trek.
  • It's been a great year.


  1. Oh, so much fun stuff! I've been pondering our upcoming one-year anniversary of arriving back here as well, but it's making me feel a bit gloomy and down. There have been lots of good things this year, though, so I should focus on those.

  2. A) Love the name Barrett. Very Texan. (William Barret Travis)
    B) I hate that you guys don't have any family here. That's really hard. You have handled everything so well though.
    C) I'm so glad you moved to Houston one year ago!

  3. you're feeling settled, you're finding great deals :) AND you're enjoying all the stuff of life that makes it great! sounds good to me!


  4. what are freezies? we obviously need to experience them soon!
    and i'm so glad you got some pictures. i've thought about that situation more than once since you told me.


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