Friday, May 22, 2009

That Was Embarrassing And Humbling

I did level 2 of The Shred.

I started The Shred last Wednessday. Last Wednessday was Day One. Today was Day 10.

I was feeling very confident in my shredding ability. I wasn't as sore as I had been. So, I thought that I could totally handle moving up to level 2. In fact, I needed to. Or so I thought.

It didn't help that the boys were watching. I use the term watching very loosely. I had them eating a snack. But they finished. Somewhere in the middle of circuit 2.

I was already in some pain. And then the boys decided they should try the new moves with me.

They've done Level 1 with mm and it ended with Sage accidentally smacking Kolby in the head with a 5 lb. weight. That was the last time I attempted to do it while they were awake.

Level 2 has more big movements. And I'm tall. And they're little. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

So instead of something happening, I kept telling them to "MOVE!" And when I say tell, I mean yell. But in a kind sort of way. It was me looking out for them.

I finished Level 2. And the boys lived to see the afternoon.

I'm already dreading Level 2 tomorrow. And I won't even think about Level 3 looming in the future.

I kind of hate Jillian.


  1. Oh, I have that DVD! I really should do it everyday; I think I only get to it about once a week (although I do other exercise on other days). I think it is pretty amazing for just 20 minutes, but it is HARD.

  2. Ha! I totally do that workout...for about a month or so! I just started level 2 last week, it is much harder than level 2, I agree.

    It's a good workout though, I can already tell a difference. And it's nice because it's quick. Callie sits in her jumper.

    Have fun! =)

  3. Hmm, maybe I need that DVD. :) I've just been getting out my shorts and wishing they fit like they did last year.


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