Wednesday, June 03, 2009

For Love of Crocs

I love crocs.

For my kids, not me. I know they make cute styles for adults too, I just love flip flops more.

Back to my love affair with my kids' crocs. I love them for one reason.

They can put them on by themselves.

And a second reason.

I can clean them.

This spring I ordered crocs for the kids in neutral colors. Kolby got khaki, Sage got gray. They wear them everyday. Even to church.

But now I kind of want them to have a color. Orange for Kolby? Red for Sage? Green? I don't know. Black? They won't get them because, they already have a pair.

Sage told me today that crocs aren't shoes, they're crocs!

I can't wait to get Levi a little pair next year!

If loving crocs is wrong, I guess I just won't be right.


  1. your boys are c-u-t-e in their crocs! and i love that you can hose them off after dog poop somehow finds their way onto the soles:)
    adelaide does not need another pair of shoes by any means, but the girl mary jane crocs almost have me convinced otherwise.

  2. Jackson has had navy blue ones for the last two summers. I am behind and need to get on the ball this year!

  3. We love 'em too. My mom told me you can put them on the top rack of the dishwasher. Anyone tried it?

  4. I was at Dillards right after Christmas and they had all their crocs marked down to $4.50! I must have bought 10 pair. We have crocs to last us years and years...

  5. ps when ours get dirty, i just throw them in the shower with me.


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