Saturday, May 02, 2009

Crayloa Pip Squeak

UPDATE: The doctor told me not to check for the cap any longer. Things have moved through his system since than so we assume all's clear!

See that cap?

A cap like that is in Sage's body. It has been since Tuesday.

The doctor laughed at me on Friday for bringing him. I had talked to my mother in law who is a pediatric triage nurse and she said it would pass on its own. The nurse on call from our doctors office here said he should be seen if it hadn't passed in 24 hours. I waited to call until Thursday. They had an appointment on Friday. I thought I would be cancelling it.

We're still waiting.

Oh, did you want to know how it happened?

He was coloring. And blowing the cap. And accidentally swallowed it. He looked at me so surprised and said "Mom, I accidentally swallowed the marker cap!"

I have to clarify that I did not notice that he had a cap in his mouth or I would have told him to take it out.

I hope he's learned his lesson.

I was thankful it didn't require another ER visit. Anyone wanna see a picture of the after? Me neither.


  1. Oh you hear my laughing? Glad he's OK!!

  2. I wanna see a picture of the after.

    Also, I want to know if the marker cap will be returned to the marker. That would be very green of you, you know, not to toss it, but to re-use it.


  3. That's awesome.

    All I can think of is a plaque that a family (that I babysat for in high school) had in their kitchen:
    "There is a special place in Heaven for the mother of three boys."

  4. How long do you have to wait? Yikes. I will be praying for his #2s.

  5. Okay - so any report a week later?

  6. hey, i really like your blog, just hoping you could follow me as well? no pressure or anything haha, just trying to build a following. have a great day!


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