Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Today In A List

1. Got Levi's picture taken at Picture People. First time since January.

2. He turns 6 months on Sunday. I'm trying to resist the urge to make a comment about how fast the time has gone and by typing that I got to make the comment without officially saying Wow, time has flown.

3. I saw a mom that went to the same Bible study as me and we recognized each other. She has two boys. I casually mentioned that we should get together to play sometime. She kind of guffawed. Not in an obvious way, probably a more surprised way. I let it drop. I didn't force my phone number on her. And I wasn't hurt or saddened by it, it was probably exactly the way I would have reacted. Kind of like, Yeah, I totally don't need more friends.

4. The only thing I got done during Mothers Day Out was getting Levi's picture taken. And getting Drew his Crew from Target but it's connected to the mall so it doesn't feel like it counts for some reason.

5. It was worth it. I wish I could have bought more.

6. There was a dad in there with his two kids getting their picture made for a Mothers Day gift. That's sweet. They were a little on the wild side.

7. I don't like it when people say "get your picture made". But I just said it.

8. I hope dinner cooks fast enough in the crock pot, I'm pushing the 4 hour cook time.

9. I love the crock pot for hot weather, it doesn't get my house hot. Especially since my car thermometer said 90 today!

10. I love cherry Dr. Pepper.

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